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  1. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  2. The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
  3. Lost Continent
  4. The Starfighters
  5. The Touch of Satan
  6. Eegah
  7. Code Name Diamond Head
  8. The Unearthly
  9. Village of the Giants
  10. Teenage Strangler
  11. Master Ninja II
  12. Gunslinger
  13. Danger! Death Ray
  14. Teenage Crime Wave
  15. Mitchell
  16. The Beast of Yucca Flats
  17. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  18. Horrors of Spider Island

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504 - Secret Agent Super Dragon - over 6 years ago
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Anyone else surprised that Spike Jonze was a recognizable enough name to make a joke about back whenever this premiered?

503 - Swamp Diamonds - over 6 years ago
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The pickpocket is also Wormy in Gunslinger and Todd in Viking Women and the Sea Serpent, plus a bit part in Teenage Caveman. Corman also used the shopkeep from Giant Leeches in a large amount of projects. The man certaintly loved his little stable of actors...

208 - Lost Continent - almost 5 years ago
3 laughs


So I just realized that our co-pilot Danny is played by one Mr. Chick Chandler... aka Wilbur, the gad-about guardian angel from "Once Upon a Honeymoon." Wonder which he enjoyed playing more: a rock climbing, dino-shootin' stick jockey or the most foppish cherub that heaven's show choir could spare.

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Holy shit. The creepy, pervy radar watchers? The thin one on the left is none other than Fingers O'Toole, the pratfalling insurance investigator fom Catalina Caper. And I'm pretty sure the bald officer was Lawrence, the Crayola hat guy from the same.

616 - Racket Girls - about 6 years ago
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What's up with all the R.E.M. references all of a sudden? Not that they weren't funny...

405 - Being from Another Planet - about 6 years ago
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So after decades of tourist traffic they inexplicably find another mummy in Tut's tomb. Why does a third-rate (at best) California college get to unwrap it AND have it as a permanent installation? Shenanigans I say!

Crayola Hat Caper
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Is the bald fat guy with the glasses the same guy with the Crayola hat in Catalina Caper?

Am I the only one calling shenanigans here?
Forum - over 6 years ago
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So. That Wired article from earlier about a possible re-boot. Now that I'm done incoherently cussing my brains out over I the only one who finds the whole thing just incredibly disappointing because of the "fresh new host" deal? Hints of an MST revival have been getting dropped all over the place for months, including Joel repeatedly appearing in costume and\or with bots. In other words, it was pointing to a revival of not only the show, but of the Joel Robinson character specifically...and now the whole thing just feels like a really jerky bait-and-switch dirty deal. Everyone on Twitter and FB is all just like "OMG YAY REVIVAL" and I'm just like...did y'all not read the same article I did? If you bring in some random-ass person to host, how is it any different from the tons of fan-made riff projects out there? Some of them are quite good from a comedic standpoint, but if it's not the MST characters or BBI peeps, then what's the point of even calling it MST? Giving some "fresh new host" the official MST name or logo won't make it MST any more than giving a dweeby kid a cardboard Posture Pal crown will make him actual royalty. I knooooow on a logical level this shouldn't be getting to me like this, but the fact remains, I'm feeling these extremely annoying things that I believe you earth people call emotions, and I find them to be most unpleasant! I've spent the past five months crossing my fingers and hoping I was reading the signs right and that MST might live again in the style of the Gila Monster reunion sketch that kicked so much ass, but now all I want is for someone to come out and say that article was a really late April Fools gag. *sigh* Anyone else? Or do I get to stay after class for detention writing "repeat to yourself it's just a show" on the blackboard 100 times?

The kid's Greta's son?
512 - Mitchell - over 6 years ago
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I never thought much about the sequence with the kid until I read somewhere that he's supposed to be Greta's son. Now it just disturbs the hell out of me. You're a hooker, you get into a disagreement with your cop-john which gets you arrested, so in order to get back at him you send your child to harass him at a stake out location... I hope this isn't the case. If it is, it just might be the most disturbing of all the disturbing things ever seen in an MST movie. No wonder Tom screamed :)

Angelika Jager/Jaeger
110 - Robot Holocaust - over 6 years ago
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Hey- Could this possibly be Valaria?!who

If it is she's keeping her "Robot Holocaust" light under a bushel as it's not mentioned in her brief bio. But it looks like it could be her.
Something really atypically sexy about Angelika Jager in this film. Couldn't act a lick. But sexy.

320 - The Unearthly - over 6 years ago
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"In a way, the money is father's work." The hell do they mean, "in a way"? What other angle could you possibly see that from?!?

MST3K For The (Legally) Blind
Forum - over 6 years ago
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I like to go to sleep with MST3K episodes playing in the background. What are the best episodes to listen to and not watch? That is, what episodes have the fewest visually based jokes and/or can be enjoyed with just the audio, even if you've never seen it before?

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