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Favorite Episodes

  1. The Thing That Couldn't Die
  2. Prince of Space
  3. The Creeping Terror
  4. Final Justice
  5. Space Mutiny
  6. Laserblast

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1008 - Final Justice - over 6 years ago
4 laughs

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My favorite credit sequence!

513 - The Brain that Wouldn't Die - about 6 years ago
4 laughs

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I actually have a DVD copy of this. I've shown it to a few friends to see how much they really like me. This and Hudson Hawk.

7 laughs

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I can't stop watching this one. It just gets better and better.

Forum - over 6 years ago
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Mark Wahlberg in a new Transformers movie? I just... Ahh, ...hmm.

Favorite Crow Lines
Forum - over 6 years ago
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The one that sticks out to me is in Sidehackers after the Only Love Pads the Film song. Joel hugs Servo and they say they love each other, then Joel says "I love you, Crow." to which he says, "You're not my real father!" That cracks me up everytime!

Saltiest/dirtiest riffs ever.
Forum - over 6 years ago
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I'm sure we've done this thread, but it bears repeating: What's the randiest, most late-night, off-color riffs you recall from an episode of MST3K. They snuck in quite a few, even for basic cable standards.

"Thank you, Curt, it was very kind of you to come."
Joel: Well I didn't mean to but, uh, the new seat covers and all...
- Castle of Fu Manchu

Rocky Jones speaks into his very phallic radio
Unknown riffer: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
- Manhunt in Space

Crow: Last one outta the biff's a rotten egg. Oh that's you, Bill! Was about to cut you up with a coat hanger.
- Rocketship X-M (This one used to really crack up my dad)

Tom Servo: It's Wee Van Queef!
- Master Ninja I (I know he was doing a Tweety Bird impression, but something tells me Kevin got a kick out of getting away with saying "queef" on TV)

There's others, but I'd have to think about it.

worst song from an mst3k episode
Forum - over 6 years ago
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We have "unriffed" to thank for this thread, as I was looking for the Forklift song and also found this person's opinion on the 5 worst MST3K Songs So i was just interested to know what song is the absolute worst?

MST3K For The (Legally) Blind
Forum - over 6 years ago
6 laughs

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I like to go to sleep with MST3K episodes playing in the background. What are the best episodes to listen to and not watch? That is, what episodes have the fewest visually based jokes and/or can be enjoyed with just the audio, even if you've never seen it before?

Arrested Development
Forum - over 6 years ago
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Cracked up seeing the guys on Season 4 riffing on "Fantastic" Four. There's no better way to show how bad a movie is.

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