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514 - Teenage Strangler - almost 5 years ago
10 laughs

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I love how the mother seems to be acting in a completely different movie.

1007 - Track of the Moon Beast - over 4 years ago
11 laughs

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anyone else get this and IT FLIES BY NIGHT mixed-up with each other??
It might just be another case of all-too identical small pieces of crap that were once part of a much larger piece of crap...the smaller pieces, of course, having been formed when the larger piece hit the fan, and naturally a lot of crap was scattered....
hmmm....actually every MST3K'd movie was probably formed at that moment---theorists call it the BIG CRAP-SPLATTERING THEORY.

821 - Time Chasers - about 5 years ago
0 laughs

3 replies Comment icon

Nick is the worst... JP tells him to get on the problem and try to figure out what went wrong and he says "NO THERE'S NOTHING TO WORK ON." Things are bad in 50 years and he can't figure out an angle to work with a time machine at his disposal? The 'evil guy' is being completely reasonable and even accommodating... not to mention all Nick had to do was play ball and he'd retain access to his machine that could easily undo everything he changed.

821 - Time Chasers - almost 5 years ago
4 laughs


The mall of THE FUTURE cracks me up every time I watch this episode. I love all the mall jokes.

820 - Space Mutiny - over 5 years ago
3 laughs

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one of the best god-awful nightmares ever riffed, the should "rifftrax live" this

111 - Moon Zero Two - over 7 years ago
14 laughs

18 replies Comment icon

OK, is it just me or is Moon Zero Two not such a bad movie? I actually got sucked into the story. I can't decide whether or not to feel ashamed.

113 - The Black Scorpion - over 5 years ago
1 laugh


Wow, that invention exchange! Dr. Forrester turned into Geoffrey Peterson!

1007 - Track of the Moon Beast - over 5 years ago
12 laughs

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Still snickering like Muttley every time the shopping list gets recited. Every. Single. Time. Why is that so damn funny?

820 - Space Mutiny - over 5 years ago
3 laughs

10 replies Comment icon

You know they keep making fun of Cisse Cameron's age in this but she was only 34 when this was made. Reb Brown was 40!

111 - Moon Zero Two - over 5 years ago
7 laughs


How is there no 'Schoolhouse Rock' reference during the opening credits?

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