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808 - The She-Creature - over 1 year ago

I hate when film makers try to make sweet lovable dogs look like vicious beasts. King is the cutest guy on screen since the doberman from Manos, and the puppies with bath mats glued to them in Killer Shrews.

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1007 - Track of the Moon Beast - about 2 years ago

My 8-year-old son walks around the house singing "California Lady".
Either I'm a total failure as a mom or I totally rock.

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801 - Revenge of the Creature - almost 3 years ago

The bathrooms are really confusing: they're marked "mollusks" and "crustaceans".

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814 - Riding with Death - about 1 year ago

Winged bears?! Oh my God, it's the end times!

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518 - The Atomic Brain - over 2 years ago

Get an intercom!

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1007 - Track of the Moon Beast - over 2 years ago

I should do another rep with the curtains