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  1. Pod People
  2. Fugitive Alien
  3. Fire Maidens of Outer Space
  4. Attack of the Giant Leeches
  5. Gamera vs. Guiron
  6. Red Zone Cuba
  7. Wild Rebels
  8. Mitchell
  9. The Brute Man
  10. Laserblast
  11. Cave Dwellers
  12. Monster A-Go Go
  13. Track of the Moon Beast
  14. The Castle of Fu Manchu
  15. Godzilla vs. Megalon
  16. The Human Duplicators
  17. Bride of the Monster
  18. The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
  19. Girls Town
  20. The Day the Earth Froze
  21. The Rebel Set
  22. The Sidehackers
  23. Soultaker
  24. Time of the Apes
  25. Hercules Against the Moon Men
  26. Eegah
  27. Teenagers from Outer Space
  28. The Touch of Satan
  29. The Magic Sword
  30. Rocketship X-M
  31. Space Travelers
  32. The Beatniks
  33. Hobgoblins
  34. The Starfighters
  35. Gunslinger
  36. First Spaceship on Venus
  37. Invasion of the Neptune Men
  38. Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
  39. The Unearthly
  40. Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell
  41. Space Mutiny
  42. Manhunt in Space
  43. Zombie Nightmare
  44. The Incredible Melting Man
  45. High School Big Shot
  46. Time Chasers
  47. Puma Man
  48. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  49. Secret Agent Super Dragon
  50. Teenage Crime Wave
  51. The Skydivers
  52. Escape 2000

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It Doesn't Stink!
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Forum - 5 days ago

I'm a little late, but I just wanted to register my approval of Jonah and the new season of MST3k. I've watched the first 6 episodes, and they're good. I like that they kept the spirit of the show, but weren't afraid to try new gimmicks. Good!

OT: Starwolf review!
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Forum - 8 days ago

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for my review of the Starwolf series by Edmond Hamilton. For those unaware, Fugitive Alien and Fugitive Alien 2 come from a Japanese TV series which was based on a trilogy written by an American scifi author in the 60s.

The short version is that I loved the books. They're only about 150 pages a piece and there's no important societal message being given. It's just a good story with an interesting couple of characters.

I'm not going to spoil the story here in case anyone wants to read the books, but I'll put a full review in my profile posts. That way I can be long-winded, too. :)

Long version below:

First, to recap the background that is different from the movies. Humans did not evolve on Earth. They are the remnants of a much older species who populated most of the galaxy eons before and the different planets all have different humanoid inhabitants based on evolutionary pressures. Earth is the oldest civilization and they are mostly Mercs (mercenaries) who have a strict code of honor and try not to use lethal force unless absolutely necessary. Varna is a planet of thieves. It is a heavy-gravity planet and they use that to help them in their raids because every other planet's gravity feels like nothing to them. They got star-faring technology from Earth and then turned right around and used it for plunder. The Varnans have thin, golden fur and Chane (Ken) has always stood out as a human because of his dark hair and eyes. His parents were missionaries to Varna and died under the pressure of the heavy gravity, but Chane, who was born there, managed to survive and grew up in it, giving him the same abilities as any Varnan. Dilullo (Capt. Joe) had a family who died in a house fire, not a Varna raid.

Starwolf #1: The Weapon from Beyond -- In this one, we meet the two main characters: Morgan Chane (which would be Starwolf Ken) and John Dilullo (Capt. Joe). The story opens with Chane on the run from the Starwolves because he killed a fellow Starwolf (Ssander) after a raid (NOT on Earth) and Ssander had tried to steal some of Chane's loot. Ssander tried to kill Chane and injured him, but Chane killed him in return. He went on the run and blew up his own ship in order to destroy evidence that he was a Starwolf. He's found by Dilullo who almost immediately figures out what he is. The events of Fugitive Alien and the first half of Fugitive Alien 2 are mostly contained in this book, although there are obviously a lot of changes.

Starwolf #2: The Closed Worlds -- It starts out on Earth. Chane is wandering around, bored, and Dilullo tells him that he'd better not get in any trouble or his secret will be told (YOU'RE STUCK HERE! is not spoken, but the threat is there). So he travels to Wales, where his parents had grown up before traveling to Varna and meets some of his parents friends and then makes some Welsh pals there until Dilullo calls him back to go on another mission. This one is to find a rich merchant's lost brother who went to the so-called Closed Worlds to find some major secret. Chane does meet a girl in this one, her name is Vreya.

Starwolf #3: The World of the Starwolves -- Dilullo has tried to retire but Chane (who is bored again and doesn't have a real Merc mission going) lures him out of his hopeless retirement to go to a mysterious planet to retrieve some stolen jewels called the Singing Suns. The mission turns into a disaster and Chane decides to risk death by returning to Varna in order to recoup their losses and get some tasty revenge. In this one, we meet Graal, a Varnan woman who teases Chane but doesn't despise him completely. She plays a very minor role.

I'll write longer summaries of the stories and post them on my profile, but it might not be until tomorrow. Suffice it to say that I loved this series and I'm so glad that I bought it. Hooray for Fugitive Alien and MST3K for introducing me to these books!

Cinematic Titanic
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Forum - 10 days ago

Got my collected edition. It's been a lot of fun. I wish the project had lasted longer, and that I'd made it to more live shows. The special feature of Josh monologuing into the camera is interesting, especially watching him talk his way around saying that he and Joel don't get along (and that's why he left the show back in the day). If you've got a strong liver, try taking a drink every time he says "you know." My one disappointment is that the video (for the latter half of the collection) is all from their earlier shows. The one live show I attended was the farewell tour. I guess they evolved the scripts over time, taking out the riffs that fell flat and adding some new ones. Because even though it's the same movie, my favorite riffs aren't there. Still, I'm really happy that they released this collection. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my extra copy of The Wasp Woman...

Jam Handy's Long Gone, I Guess...? :(
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Forum - 19 days ago

So I'll step in as best I can. ROBOT ROLL CALL!

I Care About Comic Con this Year!
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Forum - about 1 month ago

Right in the middle of the tour, Saturday's panel is the most likely place for a renewal announcement, IMHO. I say this not only as a Season 11 backer, but also as someone who thinks the writers consistently nailed the tone and Jonah hosted very, very well: There may as well be a Season 12. What's it going to hurt you, huh?

Dammit Chester...Why?
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Forum - about 1 month ago

Episode Suggestions?
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Forum - 2 months ago

Hi guys! I've only recently joined the fan base and I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a few episodes? I'm still in season one and watching through some of season 11, but i'd like to be able to watch a few of the more popular episodes. any suggestions?

Awright! I'm in for the Lincoln Theatre early show!
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Forum - 3 months ago

Hot damn diggety, gang! Just finished scoring my seat for the early show, Eegah, at the Lincoln Theatre in DC, July 9.

Any other DC/area MSTies coming to this one? Who's up for a meet-up before the show? There's some nice little joints along U Street where you can grab a "towski" or three and hang out until the doors open (doors at 5pm, show at 6pm).

Watching The New Episodes
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Forum - 5 months ago

So with the new episodes coming next month, what would be your schedule for watching them? Because sure on Netflix we can watch all the new episodes in one sitting if we have the time. But I think this is too special to be watching them all in a few days or one day.

I'm thinking I would watch one new episode on each Friday and have encores of that episode throughout the week too starting on April 14th when its released. Like watching it on TV again. That or watching one new episode every other day or at least one new episode a day. It would be too long to watch all the new episodes in one day anyway. Even for those of us who have that kind of time or can mix our work with watching these episodes. These days any of us can make the time no matter where we are with smartphones and tablets, but still. I think I'm going to still watch it as if being aired on TV. One new episode each Friday or Saturday and have encores until the next time.

But I know some will see it all in a few days or so anyway. Whatever. That's what makes things like Netflix so great. Watch it whenever you're good and ready with no excuses of missing it save death...I bet they have something like Netflix in Heaven or hell though. XD

Good Friday, Indeed
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Forum - 6 months ago

New season drops April 14 on Netflix. First!

(Sorry for having to send you a Nerdist link, but it's the best I could find)

Recent Riffs

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

Hey, it's like that scene from Mac & Me where Mac came back to life!

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

Watch this, little joke... "Hi, we're the cast from Strawdogs!"

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

He's stealing all the Nerf Toast.

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

Hey - What gives? I'M on the milk carton.

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

"Want some?"
"It's one of you, only gamier."

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

Horse poster courtesy Dynamite Magazine, for teens.

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

Hey - It's a matching shirt and sofa set.

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

Gosh, that last scene was goofy; glad we weren't in it.

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303 - Pod People - about 1 year ago

"Ba dum, ba dee - Time to Armor-All my pants!"

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212 - Godzilla vs. Megalon - over 1 year ago

Never before in the annals of Kid-Dom had a toy been sucked into The Whirlpool of Death!

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705 - Escape 2000 - over 1 year ago

This is Dolby Stereo reminding you to Leave the Bronx.

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204 - Catalina Caper - almost 3 years ago

It's just one big, sunny, fun-filled Baton Death March.