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UD - 3 months ago

Thanks for being a good sport.

Favorite Episodes

  1. Jack Frost
  2. The Incredibly Strange Creatures...
  3. Devil Doll
  4. Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
  5. Squirm
  6. Teenage Strangler
  7. Tormented
  8. San Francisco International
  9. Kitten with a Whip
  10. The Giant Spider Invasion
  11. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  12. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
  13. The Amazing Colossal Man
  14. The Brute Man
  15. Eegah
  16. Daddy-O
  17. The Magic Sword
  18. The Beatniks
  19. Laserblast
  20. Hobgoblins
  21. Final Justice
  22. Jungle Goddess
  23. The Leech Woman
  24. Earth vs. the Spider
  25. I Accuse My Parents
  26. Santa Claus
  27. The Touch of Satan
  28. Space Mutiny
  29. Attack of the the Eye Creatures
  30. Riding with Death

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Typically too long blog post
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Forum - 3 days ago

I've been gone for a while as I went through the new episodes at my own sweet leisurely pace. I wanted to avoid spoilers, you know. But now I'm back with my review -- overall impressions only. And overall, it wasn't as good as the Samurai Jack reboot.
But it wasn't bad either. I'd say the new episodes are better than the SciFi era, though trying to sustain a story arc was a shared liability. They just need to let the show be what it is. Some eps were quite good and others maybe not so much, but wasn't it always that way (more on that later)? And my faves won't be your faves. I give it about a 50-50 split.
The bad news: 1) The voices, well documented here as too similar in sound and delivery. Too often it seemed the guys were doing stand-up instead of acting.
2) Patton Oswalt seems miscast. I was pleasantly surprised by Kinga.
3) The mads suffer from Hypno-Helio Static Stasis. Can they not move even a little? If the direction remains "just stand there" they'll never achieve some of the great physical comedy of the golden age.
4) The movies weren't bad as much as they were bland (this is the "more" from above). Therefore, there were no classic riffs. I don't remember a single line that could be a call-back later, as the inspirationally bad movies of the past had.
5) They forgot to make the songs funny.
All these things can be improved, and again, overall, I think it's a good start just as Season 1 was. Highlights: (As the camera pans away from Bo Svenson and to the wooded background) "Hey! The cameraman is making a break for it! No fair!" and Black Harpo.

Some answers and not-quite answers
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Forum - 2 days ago

Stop With The Political Talking Points.
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Forum - 4 days ago

The reboot will NOT last 2 full seasons. IMHO, many Mstie's will say they love the reboot no matter how bad they want to tell themselves it's not. I feel like a child who waited all year for Christmas only to be told that Santa died in November & won't be getting any presents this year. Also the numerous political injections are tiresome....Hey Joel: We get it, you're a liberal! Ever think that half your audience isn't liberal? I never understood why celebrities want to interject their political views upon their audiences when they should know that half said audience might not like it and you end up alienating them.

I've got a mantis in my pantis.
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Forum - 4 days ago

Well, I finally got a hold of that clip from The Castle of Fu Manchu, so now I can ask for recommendations for an innuendo video. I'm mainly looking for innuendo made by Joel/Mike and the bots, but I'll take any innuendo I can get. Rawr. :3

So, what ABOUT Steve? Fan Theories!
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Forum - 7 days ago

I'm looking for a fan theory. You know in Werewolf where they sing "Where Oh Werewolf"? Well, afterwards, when Crow asks if he really went out with a guy named Steve who died, Mike goes, "Well, you know..." then, movie sign happens! Now, this can't go unanswered! Come up with the craziest and least crazy theories you can come up with! Go!

Global Community?!
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Forum - 4 months ago

OK so I'm curious about how far our community goes!!! Where's everyone from? How far around the globe does Club MST3k go??!! I'm from Ohio, USA

Spoilers to the End of the Season 11. Proceed With caution.
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Forum - 8 days ago

Proceed with caution. I'm about to spoil the end of Season 11. If you haven't seen it, yet, I'd recommend not reading this post. It's for your own good. I'm literally just trying to take up space so that there's literally no way you can blame me because you would have to click on it to see the spoilers. Okay. Here we go: they killed off Jonah. I can't believe it. What I'm hoping is in the next season, if there is one, that Jonah ends up meeting Frank in Second Banana Heaven and meets Torgo the White. And maybe Torgo the White could give him a second chance? I was REALLY beginning to like Jonah and didn't wanna see him go just yet! That's upsetting. Thoughts?

You people bring matches for Mikey?
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Forum - 10 days ago

And the video is complete. A round of thanks for everyone who contributed. :) Without your suggestions, these videos would be much harder to make. Kærar þakkir, öllsömul. ^_^

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1008 - Final Justice - 9 months ago

Cab driver: Do you know John Wayne?
Servo: Gacy? Yes.

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806 - The Undead - about 1 year ago

"When I touch you..." I think about myself.

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509 - The Girl in Lovers Lane - almost 2 years ago

He's trying to uncomfortable him to death.

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509 - The Girl in Lovers Lane - almost 2 years ago

Oof! My tummocological region!

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This is the story of fried pork rinds.

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1011 - Horrors of Spider Island - over 2 years ago

"Ouch! My shoe." Feels like a sneaker, my ass.

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Croat and Madison-they're feebs!

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507 - I Accuse My Parents - over 2 years ago

"I've got peanut butter, and underwear, and that's all I need!"

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520 - Radar Secret Service - over 2 years ago

It's not "Blackie", it's "African-Americanie"!

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503 - Swamp Diamonds - over 2 years ago

Hey, it's Pope Ed Asner! "Let me touch your ring, Lou."

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508 - Operation Double 007 - almost 3 years ago

"Thank you for touching me, sir. That will keep me going for the entire day."

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806 - The Undead - almost 3 years ago

"GO, Sir Sack of Doorknobs!"