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820 - Space Mutiny - over 5 years ago
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In the MST3K Wiki, it's stated that "leaving the ship before arriving at its predetermined destination would break the law of the universe,' but it then declines to provide any specifics." Hey, first Law of the Universe is you don't talk about the Laws of the Universe.

523 - Village of the Giants - about 3 years ago
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So the sheriff and his deputy only realize there are giants standing there when they get out of their car and look up? Wouldn't they have seen them from a pretty long distance as they were driving there? Oh. What am I thinking. It's a Bert I. Gordon picture. But at least Sid Melton isn't in it.

810 - The Giant Spider Invasion - over 6 years ago
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Steve Brodie, the "star" of this gem, as Dr. Vance, had some pretty impressive credits earlier in his career. He's the guy Jane Greer shoots while Robert Mitchum and him are fighting in noir classic "Out of the Past." Too bad he ended up in this kind of dreck.

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Someone's a fan of The Band. "Garth Hudson is playing behind the curtain" and "The music's going to break into 'Chest Fever' any minute" is a reference to The Band keyboardist's rather baroque intro to that song, which was lengthier and more elaborate during their concerts.

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