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Jane Hill - about 6 years ago
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This short makes me want to hurl....and I'm 62. Years old. If my family acted like this.....

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602 - Invasion USA - about 6 years ago
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The short makes me want to hurl! And I'm a child of that era! It's so....I can't even....Ja Wohl!

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Cripes! It's July and I'm singing "Hurray for Santee Klaws" me....

RE: Robin Williams.
Forum - about 6 years ago
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In case you are not on facebook Joel Hodgson posted:
I met Robin Williams only once and it was prior to doing my stand-up act on SNL. I was just starting to collage things together out of found objects and I had made a pair of prop tables using the method. As I was moving my stuff backstage, one of the tables broke, and so I found my tools, plugged in my hot glue gun, and started doing an emergency patch job -- obviously, the clock was ticking, and the whole situation was making me a bit nervous. The table was made out of, among other things: ice trays, plastic laundry baskets, and tupperware.
Robin walked up as I was just putting away my tools and putting my jacket back on, he introduced himself, and asked what I was doing. I told him I just doing a "last minute" repair on my table. He looked at the table and asked, "isn't that tupperware?" and I said "Yes". And he said, "Don't forget to burp it before you go on".

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