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1008 - Final Justice - about 6 years ago
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Absolutely my favorite! :D

Oh hai Forum!
Forum - about 6 years ago
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Because I'm the mother hen, I don't want anyone to feel left out. And it occurs to me that there are some newbies who probably don't get all our references to The Room. Perhaps you've been thinking, who's Tommy Wiseau? He's not in any MST3k episode. And why do people in Forum keep putting an "a" in "hi"? In fact, some not-so-newbies may be in the dark as well. If you haven't seen it (as hilariously riffed by RiffTrax, of course, because it may well be unsurvivable otherwise), now's your chance to get all the inside jokes. Click that link below for the film including the RiffTrax track and join us.

Forum - about 6 years ago
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*peeks in*

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