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Zeitgeist Meister - almost 2 years ago
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Here's a link to my new ebook in any format you need. Also below is the FB page, where you can access some free samples.

Favorite Episodes

  1. Godzilla vs. Megalon
  2. Warrior of the Lost World
  3. War of the Colossal Beast
  4. Lassie: The Painted Hills
  5. The Day the Earth Froze
  6. Gamera vs. Zigra
  7. Teenage Strangler
  8. Monster A-Go Go
  9. The Magic Sword
  10. Lost Continent
  11. SST: Death Flight
  12. The Slime People
  13. Girls Town
  14. Laserblast
  15. Jack Frost
  16. The Screaming Skull
  17. Diabolik
  18. Starcrash

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315 - Teenage Caveman - about 3 hours ago
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At about 57:00 Crow mentions Mr. Waverly. Hmmmm...

Because Censorship in MST3K is bad, mmmkay?
Forum - 1 day ago
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[Insert appropriate season opening]

[Satellite of Love - Bridge. The guys are leaning on the counter and

MIKE: And what about Cartman and the Rainbow thing?
TOM: ANAL PROBE is still my favorite. That or BIG GAY AL.

[They all notice Cambot is on and Crow and Servo stop laughing.]

MIKE: Err, hi. Mike Nelson here on the Satellite of Love. We just got
done watching South Park's first season.
CROW: In its foul entirety.
TOM: We were disgusted by it's crass vulgarity.
CROW: Yes siree bob.

[Mike looks confused]

MIKE: Hold on. You guys were just...
CROW: It's obvious you misunderstood us, Mike.
TOM: See, due to the awesome and well deserved power of the rating
system in our day to day lives...
CROW: Which we now realize is as it should be.

[Tom and Crow are pointedly ignoring Mike]

TOM: ...we avoided watching it until curiosity overcame our good sense.
CROW: Boy have we ever learned our lesson!
TOM: Absolutely, Crow. The moment we forsook state-mandated decency and
journeyed down the arduous road of self-discovery all gosh darn heck
broke loose.
CROW: Without censorship, how could we live? All the decisions we'd be
faced with, day in and day out....
TOM: "If you can't have someone else do it for you, preferably a duly
appointed government official, it ain't worth having done," that's my
new motto.

[A look of dawning comprehension passes over Mike's face]

MIKE: Oo! I got one...
CROW: I shudder at the mere remembrance of the thoughts that once
plagued my mind.
MIKE: Indeed. Without the NC17 rating for movies, TV-MA for television
and, most importantly, the now mandatory V-chip, think of all the
things parents might have to do for their own childrens.
TOM: Screen movies and television, read them books, love them...

[Mike wipes away a tear]

MIKE: My parents had to love me. The government hadn't grown wise
enough by that point to love us more than our parents ever could. It
was too much for dad. I think it contributed to his heart attack. He
died because there was no one to play big brother.

[Mike starts to wail]

CROW: Hush, Mike. It's a vicious cycle that arises from the lack of
good clean censorship. It's good to be living in these more enlightened
MAGIC VOICE: Commercial break in 5

[Commercial sign]

MIKE: We'll be [sob] right back

[commercial break]

[Satellite of Love]

MIKE: Welcome back
TOM: Mike felt that we should offer an apology for that sarcastic
condemnation of what we perceive as censorship.
CROW: We were just trying to advocate freedom of expression.
TOM: All we ask is that you, our loyal viewers, go forth and crush
every world view that doesn't believe in tolerance and free speech.
MIKE: And if this wasn't clear, we apologize.

New Show NCNL
Forum - 3 days ago
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Hey check out my new show!!!!!! It's like flying on fairy wings and then being shoved in a food processor!!!!!!!!! Amazon Prime!!!!!!!

New Show
Forum - 4 days ago
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Check out my new show on Amazon Prime it's like Rifftrax and MSt3k Go to Amazon Prime and search: Adonis At The Movies
Youtube Trailer:

Spam spam spam.....
Forum - 7 days ago
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Financial lenders such as Skynet help the individual going through crisis or enterprises that are on the verge of collapsing. Not love you at all no matter how much money you give me.

Fun episodes
Forum - 6 days ago
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Many people are probably aware of how much I love Werewolf. I gush about it way too much, but the other day, I was thinking about the episodes where it really seems like the guys are having fun and that fun is incredibly infectious. And amazingly enough, it wasn't Werewolf that came to mind when I was thinking about this.

It was Danger! Death Ray in season 6. I was having a bad day and, even though I never watch the episodes out of order, I decided to pull that one up and watch it, and I was struck by just how much fun the episode is. There aren't any riffs that carry over into other episodes that I can think of. The movie is no Manos or Sidehackers or Gamera. It's really a rather run-of-the-mill 007 wannabe.

That being said, I can't get over just how much fun the guys seem to be having doing it. I'll grant that it may just be good acting, but Trace really seems to be in a giggling mood. Tom is singing almost constantly (Watermelon Man!), and they all just seem to be having a good time with it. And that enjoyment is infectious.

There's a comment on the episode page where someone asks why in the world so many people like the episode because they didn't see it as being anything special. And perhaps it's not, but it's FUN. It's kind of like the scene in Brute Man where Mike just loses it, only it's the whole movie.

Are there any other episodes that you feel are just fun because the guys are having so much fun?

Forum - 11 days ago
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One single comment. One single laigh and CHASTISEMENT for everyone.

Army Wilbor
Forum - 17 days ago
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A high standard post with imperious disinformation will provide premium services for keep cows in place. Love you maybe 2 minutes then give you chiggers.

Forum - 15 days ago
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I chuckle often still when I see Trace raise his eyebrows in the opening. I was curious to hear who are some of the best eyebrow archers of all time. John belushi jumps to my mind first.

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Hey, the cameraman is trying to escape! No fair!

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Ask me when I'm done coughing up blood.
When are you done coughing up blood?
Usually by mid-afternoon.

323 - The Castle of Fu Manchu - about 1 year ago
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Not cutlery!

322 - Master Ninja I - about 1 year ago
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Hi Keebler!

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I personally don't believe puppets should be on TV.

817 - Horror of Party Beach - about 1 year ago
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Brain Gaius. :)

213 - Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster - almost 2 years ago
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Be careful! We look like corncobs to him!

K20 - The Last Chase - almost 2 years ago
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"He's turning into a werewolf" ...
"He's turning into a flying squirrel"
"He's turning into a mountainside."

K13 - SST: Death Flight - about 2 years ago
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Burn the witch!

620 - Danger! Death Ray - about 2 years ago
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I lost a Titleist! Oh!

620 - Danger! Death Ray - about 2 years ago
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Oh, you're here! Whoa!

613 - The Sinister Urge - about 2 years ago
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"Don't worry." "Be trampy."