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814 - Riding with Death - over 8 years ago
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...I say 'mine'. I mean I typed out what Nelson, Corbett, Chaplin, Murphy, Jones and Pehl thought up, wrote and performed the best part of two decades ago, but still I consider them 'mine'. Because I've fallen in love with Katherine Crawford, and I cherish these 'memories' of the time we had together. Abbey... She's some gal..

113 - The Black Scorpion - about 8 years ago
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this one wasn't all that ha ha funny to me. Sorta just kind of dragged

Forum - over 8 years ago
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I just finished watching every episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000,
and I want to thank everyone on this website for making this journey fun, and enjoyable.

Forum - about 8 years ago
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Out of all the movies you've seen on MST3K, which scenes made you cringe or physically recoil? Here's some of mine:

>When the hero (Paper Chase guy) kisses the Professor's daughter (Indian chick from that one Star Trek movie) in Warrior Of The Lost World.

>That damned midget in Outlaw Of Gor. Nearly every scene he appears in, he's throwing us a buffalo shot.

>Those freakish, huge-assed fluffy womens' hairdos in Space Mutiny, Outlaw Of Gor, Cave Dwellers and Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell. Die, '80s, die, slowly and painfully.

>Michele, in that stupid striped jacket outfit, dancing arhythmically on the beach while that dork "Critter" played the guitar at the end of Girl In Gold Boots.

>When Megaweapon was destroyed in Warrior Of The Lost World. Megaweapon was the only character in that picture with any real integrity. Those bastards!

>Kenny, in Gamera. And, I mean every single scene. I wanted to smack the living crap out of that brat every single second he was on the screen.

>The entire incidental music score from Monster A Go-Go. Crow summed it up perfectly when he said "Stop it!... Stop it!... STOP IT!... STOP IT!!"

>Adam Chance's cardigan in Agent From HARM.

>The making out couple in Manos, The Hands Of Fate.

>Those close-ups of Bela Lugosi's eyes in Bride Of The Monster.

>Joe Don Baker in bed with Linda Evans in Mitchell.

>The opening credits design and opening theme music from Space Mutiny.

Forum - about 8 years ago
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Up until a couple of days ago, when I watched one of these videos, there was an icon at the bottom of the screen which allowed me to choose resolution. Also, when I hovered my pointer over the timeline, it would show minutes into the video and minutes remaining. Both of these are gone now. Does anyone know how to get these back?

Forum - over 8 years ago
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TV movies of the '70s: does anybody else here wish MST3K had done more of them? I really had to force myself to watch the episodes where they do '70s TV movies at first, because of my bad memories of them from when I was in high school and college, but once I saw "Riding With Death" I suddenly realized how much I loved watching the SOL Crew ripping into those horrid, cheesy TV movies that traumatized me so much in my adolescence. "Riding With Death" and "Code Name: Diamond Head" have gone on to become my favorite Experiments.

419 - The Rebel Set - about 8 years ago
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OK looks like it's pulled from all the free sites, unless you want to watch it in parts. Hulu has it (echchch no thanks their ads are horrible!) Netflix has it on streaming though.

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