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Ok so I can't wait 4 your response lol so I'll just post a few sites 4 now that r VERY valuable & amazing & FREEEEEEEEEE

One thing I will share now too again while I think of it? (In Franks Voice: DOooo WHAT *IIIII* DOooooooo: Cheapest & easiest way 2 make beans? Buy dried in bulk. Soak in crock pot 8hrs or so....cook about 8hrs after soaking & then cool & package 4 freezer & pull out as needed. NO BPA or aluminum in yo can...and cheap eats with OUT sodium!

Another stupid easy quick thing 2 NEVER run out of milk: if u have a vitamix u can do this in seconds if u dont let almonds soak ~4-5hrs in fridge covered in water first....

1C Almonds, 4C of Water, BLEND add maybe 1/3C Oatmeal or chia seeds or flax if u want it a bit thicker also u may sweeten as desired (including doing like 1t of vanilla) but I usually do not unless I'm doing it 4 like a vegan SHAKE OMG THAT is so good... omg... C! So many recipes 2 share. I get a giant bag of almonds from BJs or Costco... easiest quickest milk made EVER. u can do this with rice too but there's the arsenic concern. BUT same deal. VERY easy & cheap 2 make. U can fortify with vitamins too if u want 2 pop 'em in.

Again 2 calibrate our tastes & styles:

I like the taste of meat/fish etc
I like 2 whip 2gether stuff with pantry staples not stuff I will only use 4 one recipe
I like 2 eat cheap & healthy
I like easy 2 make stuff & the stuff that isn't as quick I make it in bulk & freeze or u know eat til gone
I need high protein (so beans play heavily in my diet as do nuts & tofu)

So with all that in mind... A few of my personal favs 2 get u interested: LOVE THIS MANS SITE! His Best Soy Free Burger IS my favourite veggie burger 2 make & eat & of course u can improvise. I add ground walnuts 2 mine 4 extra protein & sometimes okara which is the "waste" from making tofu. all around good site, plethora of recipes & ratings of many of them. I WOULD MARRY VEGAN DAD if he weren't married already, just 4 his food. Chickpea crab cake things and ribz & I adapted his sticky wing recipe... I love them ALL

Ok I tell u I'm passionate & hungry lol and like 2 yeah i'm exited 4 your new journey. So i will shut up & hang up now...and wait 4 your reply.

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So, Ken, I replied on my wall... awaiting your reply. I have a crap load of stand by recipes I would b happy 2 share & sites that I frequently peruse and drool & when inspired 2 cook...try.

But before I 4get while it's in my mind. If u like meat texture & dishes, u will want 2 know this tip... when u get tofu, FREEZE IT as is first. This makes the texture more meaty/chewy, esp 4 mock meat like dishes. The Extra Firm & firm textures r best 4 such dishes.

When ready remove, thaw in fridge & press the water out of it by wrapping it in a t-towel & put some sorta weight on it (rocks, books, pot with weight in it) on top 2 get the water out.

Maybe u will inspire me 2 get energy 2 cook myself again....

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About half hour in...and....
Forum - over 4 years ago
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About half hour into the first episode of the new MST3K and...I'm loving it so far. Okay not as witty as the later older seasons, but I do like it. I like that Gypsy is more involved, and the tunnel cambot goes through looks like other important parts of the ship like a robot workshop and a kitchen. XD

Forum - almost 5 years ago
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Well thats not gonna be good.

MSTie Gear
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Ordered two MST3K T-Shirts from the MSTie Mall site...Does anybody know where to find some good MST gear elsewhere? I wanted the older design but of course they didn't have it in my size.

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Can I get please get some good reasons as to why I should even bother...just feeling sad and not looking forward to my b day or the holiday season this year.

oh, awesome.
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Yup, i hear ya.

Forum - about 6 years ago
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I wanna thank all you fine fine people for helping me get through a horrible week. A.J., Steve-headed, Jason, Rando you guys are great. As well as everyone who commented and reached out. I appreciate all of you. If ever there's anything within my power that I can do for any of you..even if you just feel shitty and need to vent or whatever, do not hesitate to ask. That's all I got for now...Many many thanks.

Forum - about 6 years ago
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So, I was reminded of something recently: upon a bathroom stall was written the words, "Describe your poop with a movie title." I've thought of a few—which I will share momentarily—but I wanted to open the floor to my fellow MSTies, given that we are well familiar with films of a fecal nature, so to speak. So, without further adoodoo…

A River Runs Through It
Much Ado About Nothing
88 Minutes
Gone In 60 Seconds
Children of the Corn
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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"Keep it on the road, we're in the tubes back here!"

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"We did it. You know it."

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A-ruff-a-woo Bow-huh-wow!