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108 - The Slime People - 3 months ago
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J. Elvis = NOT FUNNY

J.Elvis isn't funny.
K09 - Phase IV - over 1 year ago
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Ahh yes, a wonderful example. que at 12:50; the screen shows a billboard with the words Country Club. Complete silence... By 12:53 the ever so *NOT* funny J Elvis steps up to plate (a lil Late) with... "Country Club." A'Swing and a miss. A swing and a miss so powerful it was worth striking out 3 times at bat.
This is ONE of my favorite examples of how (IMO) J. Elvis is not funny. Favorite! But all stepping stones to supreme greatness.

107 - Robot Monster - about 2 years ago
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Yeah, J. ELVIS isn't funny. Child or not.

1007 - Track of the Moon Beast - over 2 years ago
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here is a youtube link to the CALIFORNIA LADY 45 by FRANK LARRABEE

I got a'hankerin' for organ meat.
909 - Gorgo - over 2 years ago
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(que @ 34:07 mins)
"Sentence fragments."
. . . set a course for London Saa..."I got a'hankerin' for organ meat."

203 - Jungle Goddess - almost 3 years ago
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He's dead, she's mine, I'm love, we're outta here. Good Night!

201 - Rocketship X-M - almost 3 years ago
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So happy they canned J elvis from servo duty. man that guy's servo was a total plug.

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