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  1. Quest of the Delta Knights
  2. Rocketship X-M
  3. Danger! Death Ray

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home ec short always seems about to end, then doesn’t!
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Has anyone else ever noticed that the Home Economics short has the quality of always seeming to be ending? The music swirled inappropriately about 12 times by my count.

A Trumpy of a Find!
Forum - 6 months ago
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A friend of my Mom's found an MST3K Volume 2 Box Set in some old boxes. It's one of the original ones, too. It's from 2002, with the older box art! It is just titled, "The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Volume 2. It includes Angels Revenge, Cave Dwellers, Pod People, and Shorts Vol. 1 (including The Home Economics Story, Junior Rodeo Daredevils, Body Care and Grooming, Cheating, A Date With Your Family, Why Study Industrial Arts?, and Chicken of Tomorrow.). It was nice of her to fuel my addictions! XD

303 - Pod People - about 5 years ago
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I'll admit that this is a great episode, but I don't understand the 300+ smiles. For me, the production value of the movie makes it such a painful episode to watch. I mean, it's just REALLY painful. (And that kid is so freakin' annoying.)

Somebody please help me. :)

Where is godzilla bitch?
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alternate title for this movie - the guys did great, but that was about 3 pages of script stretched out over 2 hours lol
were kids really that stupid? yes, yes we were
the 90’s commercials embedded in the first link are interesting to watch
in retrospect

Admiral Alcoholic
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Does anyone else feel that Admiral King sounds drunk?
You can also hear him seemingly drunk, in another MST3K here in the movie "Agent for Harm."

RiffTrax - The Bronx Warriors
Forum - 7 months ago
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Just arrived, and this prequel is so, SO much more stupid than 'Escape from the Bronx'. A highlight was the tap-dancing gang, who make the Baseball Furies look intimidating..

Like Joel better?
Forum - 12 months ago
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Is there anyone who likes Joel better than Mike? Most people seem to prefer Mike.

508 - Operation Double 007 - about 4 years ago
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I hate James Bond films. (I don't see the appeal, I don't understand the appeal.) To me, this movie is actually a step up. In a lateral sort of fashion.

captain manacota
816 - Prince of Space - almost 2 years ago
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You know, the more you watch something....
I've never really noticed how odd the captain manacota scene is:
1) They introduce a new character
2) He is handsome and heroic looking
3) They (the writers, sorry) make a point of telling him to be careful
4) They kill him on the next page
5) None of this seems to have any point whatsoever

So what is it? Post war anti-militarism? I guess it does show that the military is powerless against the chicken men, everyone but the POS. Maybe that was the point.

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So Clu Gulager got his start in Westerns. He actually played Billy the Kid in The Tall Man. He's been acting since the late 50s. ...and he was in a movie as recently as 2012, although the level of quality appears to be much lower. It's called Piranha 3DD. The cover has a large image of a woman's cleavage with some piranhas in the background.

817 - Horror of Party Beach - about 2 years ago
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Considering how Eulabelle has to inspire the white protagonists to every step they take against the monsters, she should go into business with Vanhino as high-paid assistants to incompetent heroes.

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