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  1. Space Mutiny
  2. The Final Sacrifice
  3. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  4. The Giant Gila Monster
  5. The Thing That Couldn't Die
  6. SST: Death Flight
  7. Gamera vs. Zigra
  8. Invaders from the Deep
  9. Bride of the Monster
  10. Last of the Wild Horses
  11. Kitten with a Whip
  12. Time Chasers
  13. Project Moonbase
  14. The Undead
  15. The Black Scorpion
  16. The Leech Woman
  17. Girls Town
  18. Future War
  19. Fugitive Alien
  20. Revenge of the Mysterons From Mars
  21. The Million Eyes of Sumuru

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Wizard of the Lost Kingdom (the first one)
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Forum - 2 days ago

I'm watching the new season in order, very slowly, and just finished this episode earlier today. I get the impression I'm in the minority, but I liked it a lot! The riffing was really fun and clever; Jonah and the robots really stick it to Cor and Simon, and they have a field day with the Chewbacca knockoff Golfax. The movie is just so poorly produced and the sets so cheap, that any chance for real action or adventure is cut short by the limited budget. And yet I get the feeling it was intended to at least be a B-grade movie catering to a family audience. (I agree with Zeitgeist that this one IS a kids' flick).

I laughed during this one more than any other episode in Season 11 so far, with the possible exception of Beast of the Hollow Mountain. However, Wizards is more entertaining, in terms of having a lot going on with the silly dialogue, ham acting, and goofy creatures (which show up before the last 15 minutes of film, unlike the dinosaur in Beast).

Too many kids' flicks
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Forum - 2 days ago

I’m about to contradict myself. While I’m generally “for” Season 11 and really enjoyed some episodes, there’s something that feels off about it to me. I think I know what it is: Almost all of the movies are children’s films. I say this because almost half of them are definitely aimed at kids, but as well, by the era that these movies were made, films with rubber monsters or dinosaurs were also aimed at a juvenile audience. During the Comedy Central/SyFy seasons, the crappy horror/scifi films were aimed at teenagers and actually intended to frighten, with the exception of the serials.

The reason it feels off to me is that the movie-making bar is so much lower from the start for kids’ movies. Children will sit quietly mesmerized by the worst piece of rubbish, and most filmmakers basically rely on those low expectations. Kids don’t care about character development, rational plot or motivation, and almost require no real tension or menace. Ragging on such weaknesses is just too easy and doesn’t offer the opportunity for true vitriol. Movies that are aimed at adults and fail dismally are a true test of incompetence and are better fodder for a high level of bitter riffing.

At least I think so.

What do you think, sirs?

A Guy named TOR
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Forum - 6 days ago

Sold a comic the other day to a Guy named TOR. I guess there's a first for everything. I wanted to ask him if he ever watched MST3K or movies with Tor Johnson but since I didn't know him or if he would be offended..I bit my tongue and kept quiet. Anybody else encounter this dilemma before? Anybody know a Rowsdower or Torgo ;o)

Episode Suggestions?
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Forum - 10 days ago

Hi guys! I've only recently joined the fan base and I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a few episodes? I'm still in season one and watching through some of season 11, but i'd like to be able to watch a few of the more popular episodes. any suggestions?

Adam West has died
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Forum - 13 days ago

Aged a very respectable 88 years old. We shall never forget him.

PO Box?
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Forum - 7 days ago

I was watching one of the season 11 episodes and they had a quick fanmail segment, does anyone know what the PO address is? Unless its the one they show in older seasons. i just really want to send fanart;;

Movie talk!
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Forum - 10 days ago

Off-topic: Seen any movies without bots in front of them lately?

I took the day off from being jobless to watch some movies. Have three short reviews, courtesy of a guy who wishes his job was to review movies.

I started my day with It Comes At Night---I'd seen the positive critic reviews and negative audience reaction on Rotten Tomatoes and wanted to know what's up. The movie was marketed much differently than what it actually was---and while that's a factor, I think there are other reasons the audience hated it. It looks great. It's acted very well, especially the main father and son. It achieved what it sets out to accomplish, which is to make you feel absolutely miserable. It Comes At Night is a slow-burning, frequently boring, psychological horror that wants nothing more than leave its audience feeling despair. It's a bleak, nihilistic film that left an awful taste in my mouth. On a technical level, it was a good movie, hence the critical reception. But I left the movie feeling like nothing was worth anything.

To get the taste out of my mouth, I looked at the marquee. Wonder Woman was the next film I'd watch that was playing. I had major trepidations about it---despite positive reception to it, it was still as DC movie. As a fan of DC comics, their current franchise (starting with Man of Steel) has left me extremely unhappy. Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were epic---in terms of of how much I hated them. I won't get into that, but I will say that I had no hope for Wonder Woman going it. That changed quickly, and, except for some really awful CGI, I loved WW. It did her source material and character justice, (which is something I can't say for my favorite guy, Superman, in his recent movies). While WW had bits of Zack Snyder influence, like the poor CGI action (and a very questionable story credit), this movie had a very different feel to it than previous DC entries. It was brighter, more cheerful, with a lead you could root for. Gal Godot and Chris Pine were great, and the scene of Wonder Woman going up against a machine gun is one I won't forget soon. WW is the female-driven superhero movie we've been lacking.

To finish my day, I watched a movie not in theaters---The Gift (2015) written directed, and starring Joel Edgerton, who coincidentally was the best part of It Comes At Night. The Gift is a psychological thriller the likes you don't see often. Some of it reminded me of Mientras Duerme (aka Sleep Tight, an excellent Spanish psych thriller), but there were plenty of twists and turns and amazing acting from the three leads. It was a captivating watch, and my heartiest recommendation of the three movies I saw today, especially if you're a genre fan.

It Comes At Night: 2/5
Wonder Woman: 4/5
The Gift: 4.5/5

The Bridget Nelson Story
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Forum - 11 days ago

A fairly substantial article I just found linked on Twitter, which gives a little background on Mike's better half and what makes her tick:

Robot Monster: The Musical
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Forum - 13 days ago

Ths is, as I believe the youth of today put it, an actual thing:

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Cinematic Titanic: Astral Factor - about 1 month ago

"With Stefanie Powers comes Stefanie Responsibility"

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It's one of those theme nightclubs

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Crow: Joel, do we have any... beer nuts left? I'm just trying to assimilate.

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"Place Commercial Here" ;)