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  1. Space Mutiny
  2. The Final Sacrifice
  3. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  4. The Giant Gila Monster
  5. The Thing That Couldn't Die
  6. SST: Death Flight
  7. Gamera vs. Zigra
  8. Invaders from the Deep
  9. Bride of the Monster
  10. Last of the Wild Horses
  11. Kitten with a Whip
  12. Time Chasers
  13. Project Moonbase
  14. The Undead
  15. The Black Scorpion
  16. The Leech Woman
  17. Girls Town
  18. Future War
  19. Fugitive Alien
  20. Revenge of the Mysterons From Mars
  21. The Million Eyes of Sumuru

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Puppet Fans
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Forum - 7 days ago

Aside from our fav bots, know any others you'd like to share?

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)
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Forum - 1 day ago

Directed by Fred Olen Ray

The disclaimer reads "The chainsaws used in this motion picture are real and dangerous! They are handled here by seasoned professionals. The makers of this motion picture advise strongly against anyone attempting to perform these stunts at home. Especially if you are naked and about to engage in strenuous sex.
My conscience is clear."

Starring Gunnar Hansen (Texas Chainsaw massacre) and veteran B-movie scream queens Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer, this is one of those few schlocky comedy horror flicks that actually sort of works.

Jay Richardson plays the hero, in a sort of tongue-in-cheek film noir homage to the likes of Raymond Chandler, with plenty of sardonic voiceovers. He investigates a teenage runaway (Quigley) and encounters a cult of Egypt-worshipping chainsaw hookers. You absolutely cannot accuse this movie's title of lying about anything.

Oh yeah, and there's boobs. A lot of boobs and a lot of fake blood.

Funnier and far more intelligently self-aware than a lot of similar attempts at the gore'n'guffaws genre, this actually is a lot of fun.


My reviews of Season 11
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Forum - 1 day ago

The reboot is great! My only beef with it is that the selection of the movies was poor. Here is my rating:
1. Avalanche - MST3K at its best! A+
2. Reptilicus - Very good MST3K movie and great job by the crew. A
3. Carnival Magic - Great awful MST3K movie. A
4. Cry Wilderness - Horrible movie, great riffing! B+
5. Yongari - Bad, English-dubbed movie, reminiscent of the original Sandy Frank films! B
6. The Time Travelers - 60s farce sci-fi, riffs great! B
7. Starcrash - Abysmally bad movie, classic MST3k material! B
8 Beast of Hollow Mountain - boring movie, decent riffing, B-
9. The Loves of Hercules - Really terrible movie, lots of riff material, B-
10. At The Earth's Core - Joke of a movie, even good riffing can't save this one. C
11. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom - Stupid movie from start to finish, riffing ok. C
12. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II - even worse movie, why did they choose this? Riffs ok, C-
13. The Land that Time Forgot - Really dumb movie, riff material was tough to come up with. C-
14. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't - Horrible, unwatchable movie. Riffing good but not enough to riff about in it. D+
So there are my ratings on the season! Kudos to everyone who made it possible, and Jonah was awesome, bots very good, as were Kinga and son of TV's Frank. I get a kick out of the Skeleton Crew, and loved all the tie-ins to the original MST3k. Here's hoping for a season 12 with some black and white old movies.
(Note: I posted this in another discussion but thought it should stand by itself!)

Random Outburst(s)
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Forum - 4 days ago

Hypno-Helio-Static-Stasis, now with X-4!

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"With Stefanie Powers comes Stefanie Responsibility"

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It's one of those theme nightclubs

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Crow: Joel, do we have any... beer nuts left? I'm just trying to assimilate.

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"Place Commercial Here" ;)