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  1. Space Mutiny
  2. The Final Sacrifice
  3. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  4. The Giant Gila Monster
  5. The Thing That Couldn't Die
  6. SST: Death Flight
  7. Gamera vs. Zigra
  8. Invaders from the Deep
  9. Bride of the Monster
  10. Last of the Wild Horses
  11. Kitten with a Whip
  12. Time Chasers
  13. Project Moonbase
  14. The Undead
  15. The Black Scorpion
  16. The Leech Woman
  17. Girls Town
  18. Future War
  19. Fugitive Alien
  20. Revenge of the Mysterons From Mars

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Watching The New Episodes
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Forum - about 1 month ago

So with the new episodes coming next month, what would be your schedule for watching them? Because sure on Netflix we can watch all the new episodes in one sitting if we have the time. But I think this is too special to be watching them all in a few days or one day.

I'm thinking I would watch one new episode on each Friday and have encores of that episode throughout the week too starting on April 14th when its released. Like watching it on TV again. That or watching one new episode every other day or at least one new episode a day. It would be too long to watch all the new episodes in one day anyway. Even for those of us who have that kind of time or can mix our work with watching these episodes. These days any of us can make the time no matter where we are with smartphones and tablets, but still. I think I'm going to still watch it as if being aired on TV. One new episode each Friday or Saturday and have encores until the next time.

But I know some will see it all in a few days or so anyway. Whatever. That's what makes things like Netflix so great. Watch it whenever you're good and ready with no excuses of missing it save death...I bet they have something like Netflix in Heaven or hell though. XD

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Forum - about 1 month ago

Let's talk... Sequels.
Topics for discussion: What's your favorite sequel to a movie? What's a sequel so bad it makes you wish the first movie had never been made? Is it possible for a sequel to be better than the movie it's building off of?

Hamburger Sammich!
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Forum - about 1 month ago

So what would you get on your Big 'G' Burger?

I'm going with Sampo and Cowboy Mike's Own Original Red Hot Ricochet BBQ Sauce. In extra bold, of course.

Game Time: Add-a-Song
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Forum - about 1 month ago

Song you wish you can add to any MSTie movie: "Rock Lobster," B-52s
Movie(s): "Horror of Party Beach" and "The She-Creature."

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Forum - about 1 month ago

so I wake up today (saturday) and I thought to myself "self? I wonder what other Msties do for traditions or common place things they do for watching MST3K?

Some of my last vivid memories of MST3K were waking up on saturdays during the Scifi Era (im trying to remember if at this point there were in reruns of the show) and would get my bowl of cereal and just start the day off right. I still do this today as I am getting ready to find a few episodes of the Scifi Era to watch, My question to every one is, if you all have some sort of tradition or a weekly thing you do to watch MST3K?

Paste Magazine rates 'every' episode of MST3K
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Forum - about 2 months ago

Okay, they skip the KTMA experiments, but here's their opinion on the other 177 shows:

Feel free to disagree!

MST3K on NetFlix
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Forum - about 2 months ago

Yes, the new series hasn't started quite yet, but for subscribers, there are 20 classic episodes of MST3K appearing from tomorrow on NetFlix to fill the gap.

Yes, we can watch them all on here, but if they are official, then the A/V quality should be the best available.

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It's one of those theme nightclubs

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Crow: Joel, do we have any... beer nuts left? I'm just trying to assimilate.

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"Place Commercial Here" ;)