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705 - Escape 2000 - about 6 years ago
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Is it just me, or was the title of this movie the exact opposite of the "plot"? No one was trying to escape, they were actively trying to keep from leaving/being vacated and possibly killed. I can only figure the title was picked because they wanted people to assume, as I originally did when they first started talking about the Bronx, that this was going to be some low-budget knock-off of Escape from New York. Which I guess it sort of... was? Only not? Great riffing, guys, but now I have to dig up my copy of Escape from New York to compare and contrast.

803 - The Mole People - about 6 years ago
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So, question: why is there an ENGLISH professor explaining issues of anthropology, sociology, and various theories on Earth sciences at in the intro of the movie? Were they afraid audiences wouldn't understand a title like "Geologist" or "Archaeologist"?

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