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  4. Horrors of Spider Island
  5. It Conquered the World
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Your #1 Sleep-Inducing Experiment
Forum - 1 day ago
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There are a few contenders, but I have very rarely got to the end of "The Million Eyes of Sumuru" in one sitting. And it isn't just MST3K! I nodded off this evening while trying to watch the RiffTrax version.
There's a decent-ish cast, including Shirley "rrowrr" Eaton, best known for being painted in gold for a Bond flick, dear old Wilfred Hyde-White and the Justin Bieber of the day, Frankie Avalon. And how can you make a movie featuring Klaus Kinski that sends you to sleep, for Rowsdower's sake?

Your Dream Winter Getaway Vacation. Would It Be:
Forum - 7 days ago
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A) Auntie McFrank's Tangleberry Inn
B) The S.S. Castle Forrester
C) Other (please specify)

Wakaliwood: Bad Black now on YouTube!
Forum - about 1 month ago
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Some of you may have heard of "Who killed Captain Alex", an insane Ugandan action movie made for about $200 and which comes pre-riffed by VJ Emmie. Well, the Wakaliwood studios have just released a more recent film of their on YouTube, "Bad Black". And here it is:
They crowdfunded this one, and also asked (on Twitter) which subtitle languages fans wanted. Just for a laugh, I suggested Latin, Arapaho, Welsh, Klingon and a couple of others... then the volunteers started getting in touch with the guys in Uganda, and you can now get over 30 languages as subtitles on the full disc release. Including Klingon.

Best of 2019
Forum - 17 days ago
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What was your best riff-related memory of 2019?

(Re) Name that Experiment!?
Forum - 17 days ago
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For a while now, I've wondered if it was just a typo, and they really meant to call "Night of the Blood Beast" by this handle: "Night of the Brood Beast."

Can you think of other experiments where, by adding or subtracting a letter or two (or even three), you get another whole new name? (If the new title fits the movie better, that makes it an even better "find.")

The only ones that come to mind right off, without much thought, are these:

*Danger! Dearth Ray (owing to the scarcity of widespread death-raying).
*The Girl in Movers Lane (she certainly changed her zip code)
*The Wild World of Batswoman (asylum hopping is her forte)
*The Touch of Satin (so many smooth operators here)
*Devil Droll (such dry, wry, sawdusty wit here)
*Crash of the Goons (IQs on Parade we really ain't)
*The Slim People (they can exist on very thin dialogue)
*The Spaced Children (Hanging out with Fester and a drunk Professor?)

Bloodrust, The violent Tears, The Brut Man, The Thing That Couldn't Dig....

OK, gotta quit now. Things are getting all woozy. Your turn! : )

RIFF of the DAY
Forum - 25 days ago
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You dance well, Kalaa. ... I'd give it 3 out of 4 boners.
(I'd give her 4 out of 4, personally...Corinne is way hotter than Cissy)

RIFFTRAX: Yor, the Hunter from the Future

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians vs Santa Claus
Forum - about 1 month ago
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Not only are we fueling the Mike vs Joel debate, but we're also fueling the Dropo vs Lupita debate...and I think we know the answer to that one...
But seriously: Which episode do you think is the better riff, better host segments, and the most laughs?

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is a favorite of mine. It's how I found out about the show. I'd say the host segments are better. However, overall Santa Claus is a better episode in terms of riffs and is just a funnier episode, overall. But to answer your question, while Lupita could kick Dropo's ass by hand, Dropo has that techno-voodoo. In a pure match, Lupita wins, but in a hardcore match, Dropo wins.

Twin Dragon Encounter
Forum - about 1 month ago
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RedLetterMedia keep failing to pick this movie on the Plinketto, so I lost patience and watched it on YouTube - - last night.
This is a Canadian martial arts/action movie that deserves a rough and vigorous riffing.
There's a sort of Deadly Prey crossed with Miami Connection vibe, some shameless self-promotion, and two guys with negative charisma who are good at kicking people in the head.
The sequel, 'Dragon Hunt' is also on YouTube, so that's tonight's viewing sorted.

New Rifftrax: Robo Vampire
Forum - about 2 months ago
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I just watched Robo Vampire from beginning to end. But ask me what it was about, and I'd have to admit defeat. There are weird movies, Godfrey Ho movies... then there are Godfrey Ho movies that even he thinks are a bit nuts.
There's a lady ghost whose see-through blouse is countered by her having the face of Tony Curtis in Some like it hot. There are plenty of Chinese hopping vampires, but one of them is wearing a gorilla costume. There's two different storylines, and the actors from #1 never appear in the same scenes as those from #2. The same characters get killed more than once. There are, you'll be relieved to know, no robo vampires in Robo Vampire. But things go bang a lot, which is nice.
In the end, I think the good guys won, but I wouldn't wager a rusty piastre on it.

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