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904 - Werewolf - almost 6 years ago
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As most of you know "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is considered the worst movie of all time, but I'm guessing the people who elected it had never seen "Werewolf". So I would like to start an official campaign to elect Alexandra Miles who played Natalie Burke as the worst actress of all time. Towards the end of movie when she was slowly walking up the stairs it felt like she was just "acting" like she was slowly walking up the stairs. I didn't believe she was slowly walking up the stairs. You know an actor is bad when even their physical movements don't seem genuine, as well as their dialogue. Also wondering if her speech problems are just foreign accent related, or a speech impediment. I even considered for minute that she may be possibly partially deaf. Which if she is, I feel we should have been told up front before making fun of her. If it's just accent related then its O.K. . Who should I contact to make the official nomination? Well folks, keep on riffing and keep a look out for "Waerwelfs"!!!

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