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816 - Prince of Space - over 5 years ago
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This could be my most favorite episode of MST3K. With all respect to Space Mutiny. The gags are good, the movie appropriately ridiculous. And I love the opening skit. Some of the original movies MST3K uses are pretentious or insulting. This one is just goofy.

903 - Puma Man - over 5 years ago
2 laughs


I think the funniest part of this episode is the impersonations of Donald Pleasence. I just crack up when I hear Tom impersonating him saying "..stuffing or potatoes!" Or, when Mike says "..someone must be using the toas-terrr!"

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820 - Space Mutiny - almost 6 years ago
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Lea, this could be the start of a beautiful, alternate day, bulk up routine.