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  1. Pod People
  2. Girl in Gold Boots
  3. Soultaker
  4. The Final Sacrifice
  5. The Touch of Satan
  6. Prince of Space
  7. Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders

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424 - Manos: The Hands of Fate - over 3 years ago
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"Manos" the hands of fate..

818 - Devil Doll - about 5 years ago
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I've been put to sleep by this at least 5 times. Devil doll has to be the most boring of all the experiments.

821 - Time Chasers - almost 6 years ago
3 laughs

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Just a plot hole that bugs me for some reason. Nick needs money to continue his research, right? Here's an idea: use the frickin' TIME MACHINE to make all the money you need ala Back To The Future II, geez! What a maroon.

303 - Pod People - about 4 years ago
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The egg,which has a two inch thick shell, is cracked wide open. Trumpy, who has a soft nose and no claws, and who just hatched in the last minute, is fast asleep inside. Anyone care to try to explain?

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I'd say that reviewer just needs more love...but him and some recent news about Orlando is just some of the proof that relationships or those "Get laid" and "you need a girlfriend/boyfriend" hectoring doesn't solve people's problems. I know just some people's way of saying "I don't approve of you", but whatever. XD
The devil here sound like Darth Vader.
"I think that guy is deep in the dark side already."
We have no idea, Trixie.

818 - Devil Doll - over 5 years ago
12 laughs

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I found it really funny how bad Vorelli's act is...I'm mean, it is supposed to be this SOLD OUT amazing show; and the best part is the butt lady. How could that sell out every show and prompt a reporter to investigate?

621 - The Beast of Yucca Flats - over 3 years ago
5 laughs


Coleman proving once again to make a movie you don't a big budget, special effects, fancy cameras, decent lighting, coherent scripts, character development, thoughtful dialogue, good actors...a plot...*sighs* entertainment.

514 - Teenage Strangler - over 3 years ago
2 laughs


Wish Crow would have left the glasses on for the rest of that theater segment *sigh*

514 - Teenage Strangler - about 4 years ago
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Ever wonder why Mike riffs at 1:23 with a reference to Manos? How does he know about that? Just some scientific facts, I should really just relax.

806 - The Undead - almost 7 years ago
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This is another "sleeper" episode. One of my favorites.

319 - War of the Colossal Beast - over 3 years ago
4 laughs


(at the end of "The Amazing Colossal Man") Viewers: Wow could that have been any crappier? Bert: Challenge accepted.

Game. Set. Match.

309 - The Amazing Colossal Man - over 7 years ago
10 laughs

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Classic 50's "all exposition" flick. "Before we do this, let's take 10 minutes to describe what we are doing." Love the complete corn-ball age of movies.

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