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Favorite Episodes

  1. Time Chasers
  2. Devil Fish
  3. It Conquered the World
  4. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  5. Space Mutiny
  6. Riding with Death
  7. The Brute Man
  8. Lassie: The Painted Hills
  9. Hobgoblins

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821 - Time Chasers - almost 6 years ago
3 laughs

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I guess I'm alone on this, but I just don't find the Pearl character all that funny, and the opening segment just drags. Nothing can top the invention exchanges with Joel, Forrester and TV's Frank.

Random episode of the day gone.
Forum - almost 3 years ago
3 laughs

7 replies Comment icon

What happened to the random episode of the day? Its gone from the front page. I loved that feature.

311 - It Conquered the World - about 3 years ago
3 laughs


The whole gang, Mads and all, captivated by that crappy monologue. Some of the best fan letters too. One of the shows strongest endings?

311 - It Conquered the World - almost 6 years ago
4 laughs

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This movie would have been watchable, even without the gang, if it werent for the HORRIBLE effects of the Main monster baddy and his flying..uh..cave bats? Most of the movies are really dry, tedious and/or painful to watch but this one holds its own (relatively that is) and is now among one of my favorites. When the letter asks why Joel looks so sleepy when he talks cracked me up, i always thought Joel looked SEVERELY uncomfortable on camera and wondered if he ever smoked a little something to calm his nerves.

Recent Riffs

814 - Riding with Death - about 3 years ago
1 laugh


It is I, Turkey Volume Guessing Man!

905 - The Deadly Bees - about 3 years ago
2 laughs


Slept with someone else out on the floor?!

905 - The Deadly Bees - about 3 years ago
2 laughs


Heard of him!? I was married to him!

905 - The Deadly Bees - about 3 years ago
2 laughs


They named every bee? This is gona take forever.