Mike cracks up - Brute Man

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Rosebud - over 2 years ago
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No doubt this is one of the top 10 MST3K moments. The first time I saw it I was crying tears of laughter. I think my wife was about to call 911...

Corvid - about 5 years ago
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spitting image of my great grandfather. he was loveable in the way that only racist, ornery, bitter, and completely unlovable ancient men can be

Petey Greene - over 6 years ago
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" I hope you die".

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That scene was hilarious... I am surprised they didn't crack up more often. Perhaps they did a lot and had 2 work harder take2, 3 etc... I notice Joel sometimes would crack up and even in silhouette u could see him really amused (Catalina Caper @ Tom's reactions 2 Creepy Girl) & Mike frequently seems 2 have that undercurrent, unsuppressed laugh.