Host Segments: Season 02

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Robert Brown - over 7 years ago
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So I thought I'd do a little summation of ol' Season 2.

Best song of the season, "When Chauffers Rule the World," with "Wild Rebels" a goofy second-favorite.

Best skit goes to the Charlie McCarthy hearings, but the "really bad models" bit has an effective charm.

Then there are the contested categories.

In invention exchanges, the Mads edge Joel 6-4, with 1 forfeit, 1 blatant cheat (Dr F), and 1 draw (the BGC19). Joel best invention is not an exchange, but the camera doodads, most especially the "snopes scope/inherit the windorama." The Mads' best invention is the squeeze-toy guitars, though I also love the tank tops. Although the monster-tire unicycle might have been the best had it worked out.

On attitude control, the winner is the SOL, 7-6. The middle innings were hard on the SOL, but in the end Joel and the bots kept their spirits high, defying the Mads' cinematic beatdowns.

Frank made a brave showing on the button-pushing battle of wills and looked strong to win the struggle, but after Dr F used Frank's head as a button-pushing proxy, it was no contest, and Forrester won 6-5, with 1 draw and 1 sedation of Frank and including a pyrrhic victory for Dr F in the face of withering Frankish sarcasm.

My favorite line from the season is Crow's reaction to 3D glasses: "I feel like I'm really here."

Robert Brown - over 8 years ago
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Thank you, you lunatic. Good work and much loved around my neck of the woods. The skits, songs and bits of MST through season 6 are for my money the heart of the show. Linked together in this way, you get a real sense of the power of the show: this is the most real, most authentic family ever presented on teevee. SO much funny packed into tiny pckets, skit after bit after song after invention exchange. I laugh myself silly and then I cry when its over.