Dr. Forrester's MST3K Vol. 10.2 upgrade seminar

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UncleDes - over 1 year ago
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"Godzilla" is the "Macbeth" of MST3K

Mikey Elms - about 4 years ago
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A video extra on the single disc version of The Giant Gila Monster which Rhino replaced Godzilla vs Megalon with after being threatened with litigation from Toho. Rhino made this single disc available in February 2008 as a limited-time-offer for those who already bought Vol. 10, while new editions of Vol. 10 were made (Vol. 10.2) with slight alterations to the packaging and of course, The Giant Gila Monster in place of Godzilla vs Megalon. This short sketch features Frank Conniff performing as TV's Frank as well as a rare performance as Tom Servo, who we get to see utilizing his hover-skirt.

Joel Hodgson as Joel Robinson
Trace Beaulieu as Dr. Clayton Forrester / Crow T. Robot
Frank Conniff as TV's Frank / Tom Servo