KTMA Melon Drop - New Year's Eve 1988

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Daniel Emerson - 10 months ago
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This is the uploader's infor mation:
"Here is the KTMA-produced Melon Drop tape for the 23rd Annual (AGAIN) 1988 New Years Eve Extravaganza which has apparently been named the Golden Jubilee. This one is almost an hour long and it gets very, very weird. Women dancing in melon suits, fruit terrorists, and they seem to be obsessed with the history of the melon launching mechanism. Good stuff.

At midnight, immediately following the melon drop, Gamera vs. Zigra (K07) was shown. In this seventh show we finally meet Trace as Dr. Clayton Forrester and Josh as Dr. Lawrence Erhardt. There is also a short clip of Josh’s stand up performance from earlier in the extravaganza."