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Otter Rivers - 4 months ago
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I subscribed 😬

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Below is a link to my YouTube channel, PickleBoot Arts. It includes an homage to local creature features/MST3K-like project called Mad Scot Movies, submitted for your approval. Also a puppet-hosted kids cartoon show hopefully drawing youngsters into classic toons they wouldn't otherwise see. L'Chaim!

Favorite Episodes

  1. The Crawling Eye
  2. Godzilla vs. Megalon
  3. War of the Colossal Beast
  4. Monster A-Go Go
  5. Warrior of the Lost World
  6. Lassie: The Painted Hills
  7. Teenage Strangler
  8. The Land that Time Forgot
  9. Mac and Me

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J.Elvis Weinstein will be in involved in the new Experiments!
Forum - 10 days ago
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From Joel's Kickstarter update: "You should also know that, during my chat with J. Elvis, we confirmed that his character – Dr Laurence Erhardt – will be back for an appearance in our next season!
You'll also be happy to hear that Josh has also agreed to write on the new season as well."

What's Next?
Forum - 18 days ago
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This is sort of like word association, but different. The rules are that your response has to be MST/RT/CT related and has to have (at least in your mind) a connection of some sort to the previous post, however literal or liberal that connection may be. I'll start with:

Mike in an ape suit, wearing a diaper.

You ever feel bad about this show?
Forum - 24 days ago
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I love this show. Don't get me wrong. I've watched every episode multiple times. For the most part, it's all in good fun and there's some truly hilarious material. (Some very dated stuff, as well. I know Frank has apologized for some of the jokes.) But, every once in a while, I stop to think about how we're laughing at people's creative endeavors. Some of them were genuinely doing their best. Some of them did impressive things given what they had. Final Sacrifice, for example, was a student film made with a volunteer cast on a shoestring budget. On those terms, it's actually very good. Sinbad/Sadko has a huge cast, elaborate sets and costumes, and pretty good effects for the time. A lot, I think, gets lost in translation, both in language and culture. Jack Frost and The Sword and the Dragon are at a similar disadvantage, but they're also made for children, with the assumption that the audience would be somewhat familiar with the fairy tale figures like Baba Yaga. Santa Claus (the one with Lupita and Pitch) is a beloved children's classic in Mexico. Feels like we're being unfair to them sometimes. And I can't help but wonder what it would feel like if I'd done my best to make something, only to have it mocked (perhaps out of context) on national television. Or to have the guys make fun of my body or my accent. Or how I look because of what wardrobe and makeup did. I can't entirely blame Joe Don Baker for being upset. (Mitchell had it coming, though. What a terrible character.) I don't know. You ever feel guilty for pointing and laughing?

Apparently we need forklift control laws
Forum - 24 days ago
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I've been going through my SCTV catalog, and late in their NBC run they did a take on Poltergeist. An 'energy ball' takes over the studio, and the medium - the Tangina role - kills it with a forklift. Who knew they worked even against ectoplasm?

Getting Enough Irony in Your Diet?
Forum - about 1 month ago
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Right. No more lists!

So, what are your Top Three favorite riffs of all time, across ALL the entire MST family of riffers, all permutations, all performers, all seasons...

Ready, set.... OUCH!

Hold it, hold it! False start. My fault. Sorry, I was chuckling to myself, and got the cap pistol jammed in a bone in my hand.

OK, so: Ready... set... POP!

Mitchy Science Theater Episode 1
Forum - about 1 month ago
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Hello, everyone! My first episode of Mitchy Science Theater has dropped! It is on the episode, "Hobgoblins!" I hope you take a look and enjoy it! I took a lot of feedback on sound and puppetry performance from here and hopefully it is an improved product from the intro video!

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306 - Time of the Apes - over 1 year ago
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"You will kill me!"
Variation on a standard call-back.

315 - Teenage Caveman - about 4 years ago
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"his Monica institute" -- from the opening theme closed captioning