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614 - San Francisco International - almost 4 years ago
6 laughs


This is a hilarious episode. Unless you're David Hartman, that is.

Boggy Creek 1
4 laughs

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I love this episode. Some funny riffing. There WAS a Legend of Boggy Creek - I saw it as a kid in the 70s and it scared the crap outta me. I'm pretty sure Boggy Creek 2 would have scared me back then too. I was a nervous kid.

New Season
Forum - about 4 years ago
3 laughs

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I love that MST3K is back. I like the new shows that I have seen so far and think they are getting better as they go along. Avalanche is especially funny. I'm about half-way through the season so far and it seems like a regular season to me - some are better than others but they are all fun. I mean, it's not supposed to be Shakespeare (and thank God - the Hamlet episode sucks)!

A Funny Episode!
202 - The Sidehackers - about 4 years ago
2 laughs


I especially like the gang giving the nonsense play-by-play commentary of the side hacking sequence. It's my new favorite segment. I don't even think the film is that bad (except the ending). It's a true exploitation film with a solid narrative that was watchable. To see what was edited out search YouTube for the uncut version.

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