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  1. The Day the Earth Froze
  2. Cry Wilderness
  3. The Amazing Colossal Man
  4. Manos: The Hands of Fate
  5. Godzilla vs. Megalon
  6. Space Mutiny
  7. King Dinosaur
  8. I Accuse My Parents
  9. Starcrash
  10. Women of the Prehistoric Planet
  11. Untamed Youth
  12. First Spaceship on Venus
  13. Yongary

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108 - The Slime People - about 2 years ago
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Well, I'm excited. I've been a fan since the 90s, but I have somehow managed to never see this one. (Or I saw it once during the original run and cannot remember anything about it). There are a few Mike episodes I haven't seen but since some of those are not unlike the 100s of Rifftraxes out there, for me there's not much to get excited about. But a Joel episode! Now we're talking. And while I agree with those who prefer Kevin's Tom Servo, I also like Josh's more sarcastic version. Moon Zero Two and Women of the Prehistoric Planet are my fav 2 from this season, but I am hoping maybe this one will be a new contender! ...Diving in......

Rifftrax Discount of 17% Through Monday March 18th
Forum - about 2 years ago
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Use Code POTOFGOLD. I'm thinking of getting The Girl from Rio...anybody picked it up yet[and how good is it, if you did].

1005 - Blood Waters of Dr. Z - about 3 years ago
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Wow... Sorry to say that even the riffing did nothing to help me through this one. I tried, as it was previously unfamiliar to me, but I just couldn't get through it.

this link to Tubi might work
1008 - Final Justice - over 2 years ago
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There are commercials, but you do not have to sign in or register to watch stuff and they have a lot of MST3K and even some Rifftrax. Almost all in better quality than you tube. Here's Final Justice:

The best episode ever
422 - The Day the Earth Froze - over 2 years ago
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This is simply the greatest episode of MST3K of all-time. The short is even better than I remembered it (probably because I usually skip the short to get to this movie. It's Just brilliant all the way through. The show is at the height of its powers.

Forum - over 2 years ago
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Did it... I survived The Gauntlet. Any other takers finish it too? Thoughts? I feel like they ironed out a lot of the rough stuff from the previous season. Riffs felt better paced. Plus a really cool cameo! Hopefully, more in the pipeline?

820 - Space Mutiny - over 2 years ago
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This episode makes for a GREAT double feature with season 11's "Starcrash".

Double Feature
1106 - Starcrash - over 2 years ago
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This one pairs well with Space Mutiny!

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I was a big fan of most of this season, but wow....I hated this one (and Carnival Magic"). Hoping the shorter season 12 will be all winners.

614 - San Francisco International - about 4 years ago
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Damn, I think this is the first time I've seen this one...

1102 - Cry Wilderness - over 2 years ago
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This one and Starcrash are my favs of season 11!

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309 - The Amazing Colossal Man - over 2 years ago
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How long have you known Col. Manning?
And what are you doing after he's dead?