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Review of, "MST3k: The Return" from a newcomer.
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So I'm a newcomer when it comes to watching two robots and a Gizmonic employee riff over some shlocky movies but after finishing the entire first season on Netflix I can tell this is for me!

I'm 15 years old and MST3k was just something I had always heard talked about but never really looked into when I saw a "return" of it on Netflix I figured this was a good time to jump in. After watching the first episode, Reptilicus in one sitting I knew this was for me. I almost immediately went to watch some of the classic episodes of the show but I figured a perspective of a first-time viewer may be useful for the show to hear so after a couple weeks I have completed the entire first season of the return, here are my thoughts.


So you know I obviously enjoyed the show but here's why. The riffs are good. It's as simple as that, the riffs range from impersonations, pop culture references, catchy songs, actually clever insights, and all the things you would want to be said over a bad movie. I chuckled many times throughout an episode and none of the episodes seemed to have a dip in quality. My favorite episode though was Cry Wilderness, although that's probably because that's the episode I watched with my brother and had a blast. I also really liked the miniatures, it gave the show a unique style that I'm guessing was essential for the earlier seasons, I'm glad they didn't update that.


Although I really enjoyed the show I did see some things that I felt were detracting from the show, keep in mind that this is my opinion and I am a new fan so... please don't prosecute me. I felt like some of the host segments fell flat, like the crew didn't have a lot of time to rehearse or not enough time to polish it up. The segments that needed the most work were the ones with the mads they never really felt like they weren't saying scripted lines. The segments with the bots and Jonah were pretty good with a few moments that felt off but that can be explained with having to do the whole segment in one take, except when the "movie bubbles" would intervene for a cut but even that happened rarely. Not to keep ragging on the host segments but I also never got the feeling that Jonah was talking directly to the mads when they communicated, there was always a pause before the mads began that felt weird. Another part of the show that I felt was lacking were the celebrity cameos, most felt like they were just thrown in as a small bit and that was it. I enjoyed Mark Hamill though. But I mean, that's Mark Hamill. On a separate note, I never got the strong impression that Jonah didn't like being imprisoned on Moon 13. I think it would have been cool if instead of bypassing the first 2 months of Jonah's imprisonment they started there and maybe he attempted an escape or something it would make him more relatable.


I only made this heading so that the reference to, "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" worked.

But hey that's my opinion! Anyone else who's first MST3k experience was this revival please tell me about it!

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