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  1. Reptilicus
  2. Cry Wilderness
  3. The Time Travelers
  4. Avalanche
  5. The Beast of Hollow Mountain
  6. Starcrash
  7. Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II
  8. Carnival Magic
  9. The Land that Time Forgot
  10. At the Earth's Core

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1106 - Starcrash - over 3 years ago
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You can't Hassle The Hoff

Lana Clarkson AMATHEA murdered by Phil Spector 2003
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Lana Clarkson was in this movie and I'm actually surprised there were no glancing riffs on Phil Spector. Crow would have eaten that up.

Doug McClure
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Why was the late Doug McClure so funny? Im not exactly sure, but after watching The Land That Time Forgot and At The Earths Core, you'll just know he was one funny guy. The thing was he wasnt trying to be.

Some Movies Need Re-MST'ed
Forum - over 3 years ago
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The one problem with MST3K is that being that it's been so long since the 88-89 KTMA Season and since Season 1 that there are some movies that should be given a re-do from way back then. Now the classics don't touch them, but some of the KTMA and Season 1 Movies should be re-done

Doug McClure
1114 - At the Earth's Core - over 3 years ago
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Doug McClure sure had a way of making serious badasses comical

Al Adamson Classic
1112 - Carnival Magic - over 3 years ago
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Regina Carrol, who played Kate, this was her last film, was the wife of the director Al Adamson, she starred in a huge number of movies Al made. She died in 1992 and Al was murdered three years later. I know Joel prefers to have MST3K feature relatively clean flicks, but a couple of Adamson's classics like SATANS SADISTS or HELLS BLOODY DEVILS would be hilarious to review. Especially for the fact that Russ Tamblyn aka Riff from West Side Story plays Anchor, a murderous Biker in SATANS SADISTS. Crow and Servo would have a ball with these movies

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