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609 - The Skydivers - almost 7 years ago
8 laughs

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Real talk: Beth (Kevin Casey) is super adorable, despite (or perhaps because of) her impressive hair-helmet.

The Chicken of today...
702 - The Brute Man - 4 months ago
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You aren't gonna like this...

Thinnest plot?
Forum - 9 months ago
1 laugh

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Which MST3K movie do you think has the thinnest plot? There are a bunch where the action is slow, or where there are long pauses. Hours of rock climbing or liturgical dance. Or lots of confusion where you need to spend half an hour assembling the plot like a jigsaw puzzle to make sense of what you just watched. But which movie is the one where the plot just isn't there? Nothing happens, no one does anything, none of it matters. I usually think of The Starfighters (which I just rewatched this weekend), but is there a riffed movie with less of a plot than that?

In a role that will surprise you...
815 - Agent for H.A.R.M. - 9 months ago
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Let's give a big ol' hand to our Coroner... Fingers O'Toole everybody! Fingers O'Toole!

821 - Time Chasers - about 1 year ago
2 laughs

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I looooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeee this episode. having attened castleton and living in that part of as a trip into my past...with a great amount of riffs in the mix.

Just a bit of a hole in the story
821 - Time Chasers - 9 months ago
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How does dinner roll chin know that JK and co. went back to July 7, 1777. Did I miss something?

Better than the episode! Who wrote this????
301 - Cave Dwellers - about 2 years ago
3 laughs

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For a hilarious synopsis, check it out:

RIP Lyle Waggoner
204 - Catalina Caper - about 1 year ago
2 laughs


You were enjoyed, my friend!

809 - I Was a Teenage Werewolf - over 1 year ago
4 laughs

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Tony! You is a waar-wilf!

110 - Robot Holocaust - over 1 year ago
0 laughs


Is it just me? or does Dawgwan sound like the Lost Skeleton of Cadavera? The music sounds eerily familiar too.

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