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301 - Cave Dwellers - over 8 years ago
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Did anyone else get the Jimmy Carl Black reference?!?! The kung fu guy TOTALLY looks like him!!! "Hi, I'm Jimmy Carl Black, I'm the Indian of the group!" If you like Zappa, watch 200 Motels, its Jimmy at his best.

423 - Bride of the Monster - over 5 years ago
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Bela was such a pimp. He actually made this movie interesting, without his monologues this movie would be completely unwatchable. Such an amazing actor in that old-school over the top kinda way. although only Ed Wood could ruin his hypno-stare. It's called make-up and lighting, Ed.

If y'all haven't been listening to Mike Nelson & Connor Lastowka's new Podcast, YOU SLEEPIN.
Forum - over 3 years ago
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I've recently been obsessed with Mike and Connor (writer from rifftrax) new Podcast called 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back. It's a very innovative concept: A podcast book-club, but instead of reading a good book, they read the insanely popular yet god-awful "Ready Player One," and mercilessly berate it. SO. DAMN. FUNNY. You can read along with them, and each episode discusses the previous weeks' assignment, but it's just as funny if you don't subject yourself to reading that abomination. Anyways, it's amazing and anyone into MST3K and podcasts HAS to check it out.

522 - Teenage Crime Wave - over 3 years ago
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While Frank's usual "whisper scream" is charming in its way... I never quite get over the bone-rattling pain screams from the mace in this episode.

323 - The Castle of Fu Manchu - over 5 years ago
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This episode is on shout factory!!! just go to their website...

Nuclear Explosions
423 - Bride of the Monster - over 7 years ago
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While standing too close to a nuclear explosion seems odd, the US military did deploy troops near nuclear bomb tests. The idea was to get troops over their fears about fighting on a radio-active battlefield . The Atomic Veterans organization is a good source for further information.

705 - Escape 2000 - over 5 years ago
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man, this one is a helluva sleeper. Highly underrated!!

406 - Attack of the Giant Leeches - about 7 years ago
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I love how many obscure Frank Zappa references are peppered throughout the series.... "Is that a real poncho, or is that a SEARS poncho?"....I remember reading that Frank was a huge fan very early on and went out of his way to contact the show so he could hang out at the set. I guess he became good friends with everyone in the cast and crew.

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