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  1. The Deadly Mantis
  2. Invaders from the Deep
  3. The Crawling Hand
  4. The Space Children
  5. The Deadly Bees
  6. The Killer Shrews

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407 - The Killer Shrews - over 2 years ago
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The Killer Shrews song... an oft-played track on my brain’s personal-use jukebox, for some reason. I don’t question it.

1102 - Cry Wilderness - over 3 years ago
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Would a 'dumb Indian" be able to teach a cougar how to set a trap like that?

1102 - Cry Wilderness - over 2 years ago
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I think the teacher (private school president that leads field trips?) is an @$$ for tricking Paul into talking about Bigfoot, then turning on him for it! I agree, this might be my favorite from 11/12. The Wizards movies have grown on me too. The Gauntlet was fine, except the movies were so similar and not my favorite riffable genres. Possibly that was deliberate; either way I hope there's a little more variety next round. I'm really grateful, regardless.

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