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Pierre Dufresne - about 2 years ago
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My avatar is Robert the Robot from Fireball XL5, and I'm a pedantic nerd.

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1004 - Future War - 6 months ago
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Three observations: (1) Catholic in-joke during the final fight in the chapel: "It's liberation theology vs. Opus Dei"! (2) Everything in this movie is awful *except* darn good conga solos in the sound track. (3) 'Box Wrangler' in the closing credits.

Help me with with Tom's choir lyrics!
612 - The Starfighters - about 2 years ago
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Heres to the guys and gals who like to fly.
Flying so high with some guy in the sky.
Skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight. (from Afternoon Delight)
Captain High at your service. (?)
Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon? (from Up Up and Away)
Take these broken wings and learn to fly me to the moon. (Broken Wings, Fly Me To the Moon)
Sail on silverbird. (Bridge Over Troubled Waters)
Have you ever heard that the bird is the word? (Bird Is the Word)
In a big country dreams stay with you. (?)
Come along with me Lucille, in my merry Oldsmobile. (In My Merry Oldsmobile)
We are kids for saving Earth. (
We are fans of Colin Firth.
Off we go to yonder blue. (U.S. Air Force Song)
We really move our tails for you.
? Rasta ? ? ? ? ? (no idea what the last verse is or where it comes from)

Hurray for Host Segments!
908 - The Touch of Satan - over 1 year ago
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I seem to be in the minority here at this site. Everyone loves the movie riffs, the obscure references and call-backs. Me? I love the host segments and fast-forward through most of the movies. I love a B-movie sci-fi flick, but if it's not watchable, riffing won't help me through it.

612 - The Starfighters - about 8 years ago
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bahhhhhhhhh da da dahhhhhhhhhh....

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I'm always amazed at how BROWN this movie is. It's in color, but it's so BROWN!

I'd Be Late For My Own Funeral
Forum - about 2 years ago
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Also, I was trying to watch a (mediocre) documentary yesterday about modern-day Flat Earthers, and now it's too late for me to wind up the whole board on 4/1 by pretending I've joined up with them.

Aaanyway, in my perusal of comedy from my pre-MST3K years, I found this very stellar and upbeat version of Hamlet, which even the most entrenched haters of a certain show's later episodes might enjoy. I mean, at least it's short and in color.

612 - The Starfighters - over 8 years ago
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How DID the 'bots strip off Mike's boxers? It's an interesting topological puzzle...

Worst Ever
606 - The Creeping Terror - almost 7 years ago
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Sweet Fanny Adams, but this hurts. Worse than Manos, worse than Fu Manchu, and worse than Monster A-Go-Go. Mike & Friends try, but I still can't manage more than one or two scenes a day. If there was one human being whose birth I could retroactively prevent, it would be the waste of oxygen responsible for this dung heap. Bleah!

Guitar Solo?!
603 - The Dead Talk Back - over 5 years ago
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It bears mentioning that (Crow's cute little Stratocaster notwithstanding): that was a paint-peelingly boring SYNTH solo. I didn't hear ~any~ actual guitar notes. A few of BestBrains know 'cowboy chords' on guitar, but none of them play single-note lines; keyboard is a little more accessible for that to 'hobbyist' musicians.

602 - Invasion USA - over 7 years ago
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Most of my life was spent in the Cold War, it's amusing to poke fun at it, put we were very scared back then guys.

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614 - San Francisco International - about 2 years ago
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28:21 "🎵bahhhhhhhhh da da dahhhhhhhhhh 🎵" refueling theme from 'The Starfighters' as plane takes off.