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Sex with?
Forum - 12 months ago
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If you could spend a passion filled week in a romantic location with any character from any episode, as they appeared then, who would it be?

I'm going to have to say Livia, the witch in Corman's, The Undead.

Season 8-10 Host Segments
Forum - 4 months ago
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I know it's popular to poop all over seasons 8-10, but what are some of your actual favorite sketches from that era?
I love Crow's short on women from Hobgoblins, personally.

Song Hunt
Forum - 8 months ago
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Hello MSTies of the known universe! I am in a predicament. In an experiment after a break, Tom Servo sings a tid bit of a song as a car pulls in somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't remember which movie it was so I can't try to glean more information about the song. It sounds a bit like the chorus from Pumped Up Kicks but mellower (it's definitely NOT the song since it was released in the 2010s) If anyone can give me information on which movie it's from or the name of the song itself, I would truly be grateful. Thank you and happy hunting!

The Answer Is...
Forum - 7 months ago
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Rest in Peace, Mr. Trebek.

Best Song?
Forum - 10 months ago
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Does anyone think there's a better MST3K song than "When I held Your Brain In My Arms"?

Quotable quotes
Forum - about 1 year ago
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What are the two lines from MST3k Experiments you use the most yourselves in Real Life? I'll go first: "He learned, too late, that Man is a feeling creature", and "How fortunate; this vill simplify everything!" (runner-up quote: "It was always.....inevitable!")

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