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322 - Master Ninja I - 17 days ago
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Okay why does Lee flip out and destroy everything in the bar? Later he says he didn't like what happened in the bar.

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I don’t know how this is possible: I never saw this ep before today. Loved the alternate universe ion storm swap, and mads in the theater. The movie was weak, but offered many gag opps. Really bad horse wrangling throughout. Joey the Lemur was a low point.

604 - Zombie Nightmare - 9 months ago
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This movie is sooooooo bad, so BAD. So, so ,so, so BAD!
Couldn't watch it. The guys couldn't come up with good riffs it was SO BAD!

512 - Mitchell - about 3 years ago
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Trying to figure out what Crow was saying at 26:40.
Millmack, why would he be collecting millmack?

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