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Turkey Day Marathon 2021 Host Segments
Forum - about 15 hours ago
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The host segments have been uploaded, and linked in 'Other Vids'. Unlike the full Marathon, it isn't geo-blocked.

All that bot-spam...
Forum - 1 day ago
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I'm noticing all the episode's comments have random spam-bot posts with a random malware link in each one, perhaps you guys could disable linking to external sites for posts to help reduce the spam?

Season 13 line-up!
Forum - 6 days ago
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1. The Treasure of Dracula (1969). An El Santo movie, so Mexican wrestling versus Vampires.
2. Robot Wars (1993). Big robots roam the wasteland and fight each other.
3. Beyond Atlantis (1973). A treasure hunt movie, featuring Sid Haig and Vic Diaz.
4. Munchie (1992). The sequel to 'Munchies', thus flipping the 'Alien' franchise naming convention upside-down.
5. Doctor Mordrid (1992). B-movie stalwart Jeffrey Combs plays the title character who, for legal reasons, can't be called Dr Strange, even though that's clearly what this is.
6. Demon Squad (2019). The chickenfeed-budget story of a paranormal investigator.
7. Gamera versus Jiger (1970). One of the Gamera movies that the original MST3K never got round to.
8. The Batwoman (1968). Another luchador movie, only this Mexican grappler spends much of the time in a Batkini.
9. The Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967). Revisiting a film originally riffed in the KTMA days, sometimes known as MST3K Season Zero.
10. The Shape of things to come (1979). Sci-Fi schlock with Jack Palance as the bad guy.
11. The Mask (1961). Not the Jim Carrey hit, but a 3D horror film from Canada.
12. The Bubble (1966). Another 3D movie, about a mysterious town where the locals behave like automata.
13. The Christmas Dragon (2014). A bunch of orphans save Christmas. Aww.

Forum - 4 days ago
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Rifftrax. Dangerous Men. OMG.

Happy Life Day!
Forum - 15 days ago
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It's that time of year again, so break out your copies of The Star Wars Holiday Special (unriffed for the very brave), and celebrate by making gargling noises and finding your inner Lumpy.

Forum - 8 days ago
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Anyone else watching Mst3k Turkey Day Marathon tomorrow?

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