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  1. The Sinister Urge
  2. Prince of Space
  3. Night of the Blood Beast
  4. Girl in Gold Boots
  5. The Phantom Planet
  6. Diabolik
  7. City Limits
  8. Angels' Revenge
  9. Girls Town
  10. Untamed Youth
  11. The Mad Monster
  12. Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
  13. The Projected Man
  14. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  15. The Incredible Melting Man
  16. Escape 2000
  17. Phase IV
  18. Pod People
  19. Riding with Death
  20. Master Ninja I
  21. Master Ninja II
  22. The Hellcats

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How Bad It's Getting
Forum - 14 days ago
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Looking at the comments under "The Hellcats" episode, I counted 59 of the top 65 comments as spam bots. Some of them even have replies from other spam bots. Although it's a bit of fun reading the terrible attempts at English, some of them are getting kinda gross. Like this one *Warning, it's not for kids*

--' "" all you will eat is some guy's huge penis... as another one rapes you butt-hole.""--- .....end quote. .....seriously????
Is there anyone who can start another similar site! I would gladly stop using this one and switch to another. There are good fun people here but it's getting old sifting through all the spam comments.

Profile Pic!!!
Forum - 4 days ago
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I finally got it! First I couldn't find the image I wanted in a normal image search so I had to watch a bunch of the episode (my favorite btw) to find the perfect screenshot. Then I had a whole frustrating confusing issue of trying to figure out how to reduce the image size from 400kb to 100kb which I had no idea how to do. It was a confusing hassle but I finally got it. Feels so good to finally have a profile picture after 2 years of being active on this site. haha!

All that bot-spam...
Forum - about 2 months ago
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I'm noticing all the episode's comments have random spam-bot posts with a random malware link in each one, perhaps you guys could disable linking to external sites for posts to help reduce the spam?

407 - The Killer Shrews - over 7 years ago
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That fine old tradition of the one black character getting killed first carries on......

Dune reference
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I really loved the Dune quote at 48:30. "Tell me of your home world Usil" !!!
Like many of you, I'm sure, I'm a huge fan of the old Dune books by Frank Herbert as well as the David Lynch movie. The new movie is really good too but I hated the Sci-Fi Channel version.

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"Diarrhea is like a sandstorm raging inside of you"

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I like this movie a lot, but I can't help but notice that all the women in it die.
I can understand giving Van Cleef's wife the noble sacrifice, and from the standpoint of the 50's film codes and such, I can see that everyone who turned evil has to die, and that includes Graves's wife. But the innocent scientist lady seems like either someone had a bad breakup, or the studio notes came back saying "She has to die. We can't have girls thinking that they can be anything other than homemakers, nurses, secretaries, stewardesses, and centerfolds."

Forum - about 1 month ago
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I've recently just gotten into watching Elvira (movie macabre) and Svengoolie. They do a lot of the same movies as mst3k and many other classics as well as obscure finds. (playlists for both are on this channel: They are kinda dumb but really fun (much like M.s.t.) I especially enjoy Svengoolie because he gives tons of trivia about the movies he shows.
Now I'm thinking of checking out some old Joe-Bob Briggs and USA "Up all night" episodes of I can find them.

Forum - about 1 month ago
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Lets say you had to watch an MST marathon of one of these prolific directors, which would you pick?
1. Ed Wood Jr. . 2. Bert I. Gordon, . 3. Francis Coleman, . 4. Roger Corman

Jets vs Jaguars
Forum - 27 days ago
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In last Sunday's NFL action I noticed the NY Jets played the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a Godzilla and MST3K connoisseur I found that kind of curious. I wonder how many other nerds made the connection. Jet Jaguar was only in the one movie, vs Megalon, so probably not well known

Recent Riffs

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I don't even know how fish work.

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The scene has been over several times but they just won't admit it.