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  1. Zombie Nightmare
  2. The Creeping Terror
  3. Riding with Death
  4. Moon Zero Two
  5. Cave Dwellers
  6. It Conquered the World
  7. Red Zone Cuba
  8. Danger! Death Ray
  9. The Leech Woman
  10. Time Chasers
  11. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  12. Women of the Prehistoric Planet
  13. Tormented
  14. Operation Double 007
  15. The Dead Talk Back

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620 - Danger! Death Ray - over 8 years ago
15 laughs

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The movie ending is absolutely priceless....I can hear it now "Hey could we see the watch drift to the bottom? No? Let's shoot it again with someone dropping the watch in so we can see it. Don't worry, I will clean it all up in post-production!"

Reunion Show: Big Laughs and Deeeep Hurrrrrtinnnnng!
Forum - over 5 years ago
6 laughs

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Was that not the hardest you've laughed in forever! Trace is just a flat out genius. Mary Jo slayed me, much to my surprise since I've only started to warm up to the Pearl sketches recently, and slowly. She was on fire. And holy moly, Bridget Nelson was great! For someone who wasn't a riffer on the show, she was really consistent. She could have held her own in the SOL theater. Frank was so wonderfully weird, and... JOEL!!!!!! The man with the plan. Still got it. New guy Noah did pretty good, but he needs to enunciate a little better. He was the only one I occasionally couldn't understand. Probably had good riffs, I just missed what he was saying. Mike, Bill and Kevin were great as usual and gave plenty of time to the reunion pals.
Seeing all the fans, both on the screen and around me at the theater was quite heartwarming. And I gotta hand it, maybe most of all to the selection of shorts. Oh my god. Almost everyone of them would usurp some of the most beloved classics from MST3K had they been done exactly the same way back then. Just stellar material. Is Corn a Grass just blew everyone away. Talking Car, the Wives one, and a great reprise of Shaking Hands with Danger. Excellent show. If you couldn't go or can't get to a replay, buy the digital presentation. Perfecto!

Forum - about 6 years ago
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Can I get please get some good reasons as to why I should even bother...just feeling sad and not looking forward to my b day or the holiday season this year.

Extra ticket
Forum - about 6 years ago
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I would love to go to the show tomorrow

Joel in E. Greenwich, RI
Forum - about 6 years ago
2 laughs

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I have an extra ticket for the show and VIP reception tomorrow, Saturday 9/19, of Joel's "Riffing Myself" show. Just trying to see if anyone is interested. Sorry for the short notice. I hate things to go wasted so I thought I would throw this out there.

423 - Bride of the Monster - over 7 years ago
4 laughs

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Did anyone know the woman with the pencil in her hair that kept disappearing was the woman in Christmas vacation that sang the Star Spangled Banner? I am great with faces and swear I didn't even look that up but I still swear by it! She even acts the same after all those years...

603 - The Dead Talk Back - over 8 years ago
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I think I have had the laugh button for the episode work like twice out of the almost dozen times I have tried. A bunch of times it actually reduced the number of laughs. This time the number just stayed the same....anyone else see this?

Hey, I'm learning how to riff!
Forum - over 7 years ago
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While watching Space Mutiny just now:

Cane-Walking Bad Guy: The Southern Sun is completely isolated. No one can enter her, but most importantly... no one can leave her--
Me (as Cane-Walking Bad Guy): --Welcome... to the Hotel California...!

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