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  1. Earth vs. the Spider
  2. Teenagers from Outer Space
  3. Teenage Crime Wave
  4. The Sidehackers
  5. It Conquered the World
  6. Invaders from the Deep
  7. Godzilla vs. Megalon
  8. The Skydivers
  9. Lassie: The Painted Hills

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802 - The Leech Woman - almost 8 years ago
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This movie really does show a double standard and dare I say almost hatred toward woman. The entire premise of the movie is that we have nothing to add to the world except our beauty which according to this movie ends when we turn 30. Although the men in this movie have few redeeming qualities, the ultimate message toward woman is really hateful. Hard to believe last year the woman chosen by People magazine as the worlds most beautiful is about the same age as the "repulsive" woman portrayed in this movie

303 - Pod People - over 8 years ago
5 laughs

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lmao one of the worst movies and some of the best skits and riffs ever! It stinks!

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This movie has it all, sic fi,romance , suspense....
A side of lemon and butter and it would be perfect

Forum - about 8 years ago
2 laughs

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yep same here. Mst3k has definitely changed the way i look at gum ball machines

Forum - about 8 years ago
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I got published this week! A flash fiction story of mine got into an online journal. Peruse at your own risk! ;)

609 - The Skydivers - about 8 years ago
4 laughs


Never knew Gypsy had such a lovely singing voice!

212 - Godzilla vs. Megalon - over 8 years ago
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omg this movie is sooo bad. The translation of the theme song at the end had me laughing so hard I cried. Love mst3k!

K01 - Invaders from the Deep - over 8 years ago
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hummmm looks like Gypsy has had a little work done. It looks very natural though not a Joan Rivers sort of thing....

311 - It Conquered the World - almost 10 years ago
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Cheap effects aside. This wasn't really a bad movie!

Forum - over 8 years ago
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Non MST-related post: Today is my three year sobriety birthday :D Credit line, 'Thanks Bill W' indeed!

313 - Earth vs. the Spider - over 8 years ago
4 laughs


so we are looking for a drunk spider

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