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  1. San Francisco International
  2. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
  3. Village of the Giants
  4. Angels' Revenge
  5. Track of the Moon Beast

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622 - Angels' Revenge - over 8 years ago
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The Teacher Angel is possibly the WORST actor in any MST3K film.

814 - Riding with Death - over 8 years ago
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"What should we call our series about the INVISIBLE SECRET AGENT?"
"How about 'Riding With Death'?"
"Perfect, really tells the story."

523 - Village of the Giants - over 8 years ago
4 laughs

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How was it never mentioned that "Red" is played by TONI BASIL of "Mickey" fame!?!?!

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Why did the Mike years seem to think sketches based on boredom would read as "funny" and not "boring"?

523 - Village of the Giants - almost 9 years ago
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Ever notice the one brunette giant who does absolutely nothing but hang out behind the other giants? I wonder what the story was with that.

This movie has some of the biggest plot holes in all of MST3K; what's the deal with "Genius" biking out to the park before he observed the effects of his concoction? How are the giants making sure nobody escaped the town if all they do is hang out in the theater? How does "Untie our leader or I'll leave this girl on the roof of this building, such that getting her down will be a mild inconvenience" serve as an effective form of extortion?

1005 - Blood Waters of Dr. Z - over 8 years ago
3 laughs


Now THIS is pain.

7 laughs


Nothing in this movie is motivated by anything.

10 laughs


My god, the behind-the-scenes of this movie must've been insane. Whatever actor played Kremshaw brought too much reality to his role.

Forum - almost 9 years ago
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I don't know if this was asked recently but, who is your least favorite "hero"?

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What? No...too dumb.