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RevJoan - over 8 years ago
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Sorry this is 3 months late but-
Welcome to the club Mike!
The more MSTies we have in the world
makes it a better place to live!
Thanks for being here :)

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  1. City on Fire
  2. Monster A-Go Go

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421 - Monster A-Go Go - over 8 years ago
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I love the Johnny Longtorso bit. "The sleek and sexy butt portion!". Love it! I saw this episode when I was a kid, and during this sketch I remember thinking 'Of course there's only one of each arm and leg in stock. I imagined going to Toys R Us and being disappointed when I failed for the umpteenth time to find a left leg or the 'Action Batch". Talk about evil!

K16 - City on Fire - over 8 years ago
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It's so weird to think that these once aired on a regular local TV station. Oh, and hello everyone! I'm a new guy, but I've been a MSTie since 1992. Nice to meet you all.

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K16 - City on Fire - over 8 years ago
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"Gowns by Ms. Piggy of Hollywood."