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910 - The Final Sacrifice - about 9 years ago
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Mike Pipper reminds me of Jim Henson when he would operate an old man Muppet...or Dr. Teeth too.

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I saw all the parts of the play. Well done! A few notes for future productions: 1) Cast "Debbie" younger, or at least make her up younger, and not have her sound developmentally disabled. I know the director was trying to copy the poor sound quality but it just sounded...uncomfortable. Just guess at her dialog. 2) See if someone can fly a "moth" or two in front of the lights. 3) Keep the live musicians, they were cool. 4) Torgo, the Master, and Wife #1 were especially good.

912 - The Screaming Skull - about 9 years ago
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Y'know, they weren't really expecting anybody to watch this, everybody was supposed to be necking by this point.

513 - The Brain that Wouldn't Die - almost 7 years ago
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"...and a face that can be made beautiful again."

I know we all want to put this guy's balls in a vise, break off the handle, give him a spoon and set fire to the building, but this line especially.

610 - The Violent Years - about 7 years ago
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I prefer the movie to the short, which puts me against the tide. The short is just so sitcom sexist that it makes me want to chew concrete because I know that was based on some form of how advertisers really thought of women back then. The movie is more absurd and thus a little more tolerable.

"We'll send him awesome movies, the best that we can find..."
Forum - almost 3 years ago
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Say Kinga completely blew a fuse and decided to Kingachrome up a certifiably-great film to Jonah and the Bots, and challenge them to make it funny (a la Rifftrax taking on things like Casablanca and The Wrath of Khan).

Which undeniably *great* film would you love to see the current SOL crew take on?

Forum - almost 8 years ago
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Big Lipped Aligator Moments In MST-3000!
For those who don't know, A Big Lipped Moment is a scene in a movie that:
-Comes out of nowhere
-Has little to no bearing on the plot
-Doesn't match the tone of the film
-And once it's over, no one talks about it again

I'll start:
-Fish Argument Theater from Gamera Vs. Zigra
-The Dance Scene from Gamera

"Funny" stuff that isn't
Forum - over 3 years ago
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Anyone else got a problem finding humor in something other people love? For me, it's anything "humorous" on NPR: Click and Clack; Wait wait don;t tell me; Lake Woebegone. Just either chock full of mutual back-slapping unfunny in-jokes or humor-meter reads zero.

What have you got?

Thank god for the british invasion...
609 - The Skydivers - about 4 years ago
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I've often heard it said, but it really hits home with this movie. 1963. American pop music is basically novelty songs, and kids try to "swing" to everything. I know there's probably a more favorable context in which to listen to this, but why bother? Oh my god it's awful.

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615 - Kitten with a Whip - over 9 years ago
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"Stay bland..."

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Ah yes the sacred noonday call to idiocy.

506 - Eegah - almost 9 years ago
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"So who do you like in the big game?" "I AM the big game."

319 - War of the Colossal Beast - almost 9 years ago
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Type? How about Type O? How about type Oh My God he's HUGE?!

420 - The Human Duplicators - almost 9 years ago
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The boys did what? They duplicated Lumpy?!

910 - The Final Sacrifice - over 9 years ago
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I can see why Quebec wants to be separate from all this...

610 - The Violent Years - over 9 years ago
7 laughs


One googleplex and seventy-nine cents.

607 - Bloodlust - over 9 years ago
16 laughs


That shirt's so tight you can see his liver!