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  1. The Phantom Planet
  2. Radar Secret Service
  3. Crash of the Moons
  4. It Lives by Night
  5. The Final Sacrifice
  6. Soultaker
  7. Mitchell
  8. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  9. Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  10. The Deadly Bees
  11. Manhunt in Space
  12. The Leech Woman

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322 - Master Ninja I - almost 8 years ago
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Fun fact: The guy who plays Sheriff Kyle was also Mr. Wilson in "Final Justice."

Good Episodes for Skeptical, Sci-Fi loving Boyfriends?
Forum - over 7 years ago
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I know this question's been asked many times before, so I'll put a specific edge on it: what episodes would you recommend to your Trekkie, Marvel and DC-loving boyfriend who hasn't made up his mind about MST3K yet? He loved Space Mutiny (obviously) and Prince of Space, but I haven't made a good pick for him since. I'm thinking space-based plots (which shouldn't be a problem) and the more ridiculous the better. I'm going through the list myself but I'd appreciate suggestions. Thanks!

1005 - Blood Waters of Dr. Z - about 8 years ago
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Crow as Dr. Z kills me. "Soon it will be YOU who becomes wedged in the bulkhead--of my PLAN!"

Any other travelers out there?!
Forum - about 8 years ago
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Are there any other world travelers out there currently watching?
I'm an American living in Japan. On cold, rainy days like today, this site is my saving grace. It's also a wonderful reminder of all the things I miss about home.

I've been here 20 months and I'm going home permanently in April. Every time I've been sad, homesick, or I've just plain had it with Japan, I would switch on some MST3K (I'm a Joel fan, so it's mostly been seasons 1-5) and reminisce about Saturday afternoons watching episodes with my sisters... Thanks MST3K for providing some comfort to this weary traveler :)

820 - Space Mutiny - about 8 years ago
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You know they keep making fun of Cisse Cameron's age in this but she was only 34 when this was made. Reb Brown was 40!

802 - The Leech Woman - about 8 years ago
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The palooka in "The Unearthly" has got to be the victim outside of the bar. Am I wrong, people?

1007 - Track of the Moon Beast - over 9 years ago
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I love how Mike laughs at Tom's joke at 1:03.

1010 - It Lives by Night - almost 9 years ago
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Wow, the sheriff is JT from The Sidehackers all mature and professional and everything.

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910 - The Final Sacrifice - almost 9 years ago
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I dreamt I was stuck with a chunky backwoods loser named Rowsdow--AAH!

910 - The Final Sacrifice - almost 9 years ago
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So, "Rowsdower"--is that a stupid name, or...?