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kexap66253 - 2 months ago
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EAG46 - over 4 years ago
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How did the live MST3K show go? Was it worth the $? What was the second movie? [You can send me a secret message, I won't tell.]

Jet Jaguar Abides - over 4 years ago
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Hey Mike. don't suppose you know what happened to Seth? Either I'm going crazy or his MST3K Club Account is no more...wondering why he would delete his account...hope everything is alright.

EAG46 - over 5 years ago
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It was cool running into you at the NASM on Friday. I had to leave the movie early because all of the crowds and the noise were finally getting to me. I needed the quiet cold ride home....Maybe we'll bunp into each other on a less crowded MSTie thing.

Hawthorne Rollings - over 5 years ago
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I apologize for rude comments about DC, I was being goofy

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re "I've also had some really great vegan sushi, too, at a happy hour put on by some hemp advocacy outfits I've worked with a few years ago. They were made by the chef at a popular vegan/vegetarian restaurant here in DC, and his use of tofu and other textured proteins was brilliant. I'm a fool for a good California Roll, and this guy's vegan version totally nailed it. Once again, I wouldn't have known if I hadn't been told ahead of time."

If u don't mind may i have the name of the restaurant/chef? I want 2 try 2 ferret out the recipe in some way..................

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Wait a min...I had but that stopped working 4 YT...u mean that it still works 4 u?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Favorite Episodes

  1. The Creeping Terror
  2. Being from Another Planet
  3. The Giant Spider Invasion
  4. Blood Waters of Dr. Z
  5. Hobgoblins
  6. Pod People
  7. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
  8. The Unearthly
  9. The Leech Woman
  10. Samson Vs The Vampire Women

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Sex with?
Forum - over 1 year ago
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If you could spend a passion filled week in a romantic location with any character from any episode, as they appeared then, who would it be?

I'm going to have to say Livia, the witch in Corman's, The Undead.

517 - Beginning of the End - over 8 years ago
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Appears that they weren't required to file an Environmental Impact Statement before filling Lake Michigan with giant inSect carcasses.

Surprise Midnight Bout!
Forum - 10 months ago
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Batwoman vs. Leech Woman - who it gonna be?

Pick ONLY ONE movie from each season
Forum - 10 months ago
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I'm just curious what movies people would pick if you could only watch one movie from each season? Would it be the one with most "laughs" or something else. Speaking personally I have a few favourites that don't have many "laughs" and some that have high ratings I don't much like at all.

Mine are:
1 - The Crawling Eye
2 - Catalina Caper
3 - Gamera (season 3 doesn't have much for me, so this is my least hated lol)
4 - Being From Another Planet
5 - Mitchell
6 - The Creeping Terror
7 - Laserblast (again, no real fave, so least hated)
8 - Space Mutiny (although I adore The Deadly Mantis and can't really choose)
9 - Devil Fish (although Hobgoblins and Werewolf are also tied for first)
10 - Soultaker (yet again, no fave, so least hated)

I've not seen enough of 11 and 12 to make a judgement yet.

MST Vault - Pick Ten Experiments
Forum - 10 months ago
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Yeah, another "make-your-fav-list" scenario:

- List ten eps you'd put in a safe place before disaster strikes.
- Any ep not put in that vault will be GONE FOREVER - so choose wisely.

Justify choices / explain / give reasons if you like... or not. Up to you.

btw: It's a SMALL vault.

- Only the TOP THREE are **guaranteed** to be saved.
- Cross your fingers on the BOTTOM SEVEN.

The Doomsday Clock is ticking.
Can I make you a mug of hot cocoa, honey?

Stupid Murder Plots (re: "The Sinister Urge")
Forum - 11 months ago
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Just watching The Sinister Urge this afternoon and — y'know that scene where they send that Dirk guy on a phony errand in Gloria's old car with the sabotaged brakes? Well, I'm just now realizing... dude had to drive out of L.A. to get to that mountain road, meaning that he had to go through more than a few intersections with traffic lights in them. Had it ever occurred to Gloria and Johnny that he'd only need to get to the first traffic light that went red on him, go for the brakes and be like oooohhhhh poopie — then turn around, head straight back and do a number on Johnny and Gloria with that knife. Cripes, for all the effort and risk that went into that, they could've just hired a hit man to ice the punk and bury him out of town.

Are there any other similarly ill-conceived and idiotic murder plots in MSTied movies? Trying to think of one or two right offhand...

Season 8-10 Host Segments
Forum - 11 months ago
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I know it's popular to poop all over seasons 8-10, but what are some of your actual favorite sketches from that era?
I love Crow's short on women from Hobgoblins, personally.

Are There Riffs That Make You Mad? That Make You MEAN MAD?!
Forum - 11 months ago
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Normally I'm thrilled to see a Rifftrax short, doubly so if it involves lady riffers. But wow the ending of "The Snob" really angered me. They're smugly siding with the terrible narrative, which already has its thumb heavily on the scale in favor of conformity and against the social misfit (as these things usually do): to the point where the title character's personality and background barely make any logical sense. They dwell on what a hunk her male friend supposedly is and don't seem to notice that he's trying to physically force her onto the dance floor when she clearly doesn't want to go! Ick. 'Scuse me I think I need a shower now. DX

Character Assassinations & Assignations
Forum - 11 months ago
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Riffdom offers a wide variety of characters for love / hate festivals. Based on characters (not the actors), who would you most love / hate to be?

By way of example, here's a few of mine:

L: Fart Bargo seems to do OK for himself. (Or any Peter Graves character.)
H: Gideon Drew or Jan in the Pan. (Or ANYONE in The Leech Woman!)

Let the envy and enmity begin. Enjoy!

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