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701 - Night of the Blood Beast - over 8 years ago
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~18:30 "Hey, leave some room for the Holy Ghost." At church camp, this is what we were told during the dances... especially the SLOW dances!

319 - War of the Colossal Beast - over 7 years ago
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I love that the Mexican food words in the 1st host segment are written on the back of old cue cards. Look!

307 - Daddy-O - over 8 years ago
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Ugh, just a really slow, dull movie. Host segments are funny, there are some good riffs, but I've never been able to finish it.

Forum - over 8 years ago
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Even though I collect episodes, am a fanatic of the show, and have seen certain episodes maybe a dozen or more times, I have mentioned I was intentionally "reserving" about 15 I have never seen, kinda like storing fine wine or 100 year old whiskey; Well I popped open one the other night; 614 "San Fran International;" Really enjoyed it. One of the single best riffs ever.
In case anyone is interested I thought I'd share the rest in waiting;

111- Moon Zero Two
206-Ring Of Terror
314-Mighty Jack
410- Hercules vs Moon Men
522 - Teenage Crime Wave
616 - Racket Girls
617 - The Sword and the Dragon
623 - The Amazing Transparent Man
808 - The She-Creature
811 - Parts: The Clonus Horror
812 - The Incredibly Strange Creatures...
909 - Gorgo
1005 - Blood Waters of Dr. Z
1013 - Diabolik (I can't bring myself to watch this)

The list was kind of intentional attempt to save one from each season, then that fell apart, so don't care about that pick my next capsule to open...

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204 - Catalina Caper - over 7 years ago
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There's a concept, it's called harmonyyyy...

905 - The Deadly Bees - over 7 years ago
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"...I saw these horrible hypodermic punctures all over that wretched horse!" Yes, the horse is on the horse.

905 - The Deadly Bees - over 7 years ago
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They're all wearing rugby shirts.

905 - The Deadly Bees - over 7 years ago
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No... the sauce... it's too rich!