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Favorite Episodes

  1. I Accuse My Parents
  2. The Skydivers
  3. Girl in Gold Boots
  4. Eegah
  5. The Undead
  6. Daddy-O
  7. The Deadly Mantis
  8. The Dead Talk Back
  9. The Human Duplicators
  10. War of the Colossal Beast
  11. SST: Death Flight
  12. Jungle Goddess
  13. Devil Fish
  14. Radar Secret Service
  15. Cave Dwellers
  16. Diabolik
  17. The Beatniks
  18. Invasion USA
  19. The Unearthly
  20. City on Fire
  21. Superdome
  22. Night of the Blood Beast
  23. Racket Girls
  24. Girls Town
  25. Last of the Wild Horses
  26. Lassie: The Painted Hills
  27. Red Zone Cuba
  28. Operation Double 007
  29. The Brute Man
  30. The Space Children
  31. The Rebel Set
  32. Code Name Diamond Head
  33. The Thing That Couldn't Die
  34. The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent
  35. The Violent Years
  36. High School Big Shot
  37. Prince of Space
  38. I Was a Teenage Werewolf

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You ever feel bad about this show?
Forum - 23 days ago
2 laughs

16 replies Comment icon

I love this show. Don't get me wrong. I've watched every episode multiple times. For the most part, it's all in good fun and there's some truly hilarious material. (Some very dated stuff, as well. I know Frank has apologized for some of the jokes.) But, every once in a while, I stop to think about how we're laughing at people's creative endeavors. Some of them were genuinely doing their best. Some of them did impressive things given what they had. Final Sacrifice, for example, was a student film made with a volunteer cast on a shoestring budget. On those terms, it's actually very good. Sinbad/Sadko has a huge cast, elaborate sets and costumes, and pretty good effects for the time. A lot, I think, gets lost in translation, both in language and culture. Jack Frost and The Sword and the Dragon are at a similar disadvantage, but they're also made for children, with the assumption that the audience would be somewhat familiar with the fairy tale figures like Baba Yaga. Santa Claus (the one with Lupita and Pitch) is a beloved children's classic in Mexico. Feels like we're being unfair to them sometimes. And I can't help but wonder what it would feel like if I'd done my best to make something, only to have it mocked (perhaps out of context) on national television. Or to have the guys make fun of my body or my accent. Or how I look because of what wardrobe and makeup did. I can't entirely blame Joe Don Baker for being upset. (Mitchell had it coming, though. What a terrible character.) I don't know. You ever feel guilty for pointing and laughing?

507 - I Accuse My Parents - almost 6 years ago
6 laughs

4 replies Comment icon

what's so funny to me after watching all these movies like the violent years, the beatniks, this movie and many more is that "white crime" movies were an entire genre in the 50's. Movies where middle class white people are/become "thugs". I forget the name but one of the movies they riff has a gang of all white women. That was just too much for me. It's like "look at how immoral our society has become! Blacks and Hispanics aren't the only criminals!"

507 - I Accuse My Parents - about 3 years ago
3 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

So, in this movie, the boy gets away with everything because he has bad parents but in The Violent Years, the girl dies after giving birth in prison even though she had bad parents too. Hmm, interesting double standard,

ok, let's have it
Forum - about 1 month ago
0 laughs

17 replies Comment icon

Enough with the lists. It's time to step up. What is your #1 favorite MST3k experiment of all time? No foolin.

607 - Bloodlust - about 9 years ago
15 laughs

4 replies Comment icon

The mystery murder dinner party sketch is one of my absolute favorites. Short, sweet and hysterical. Brilliant character based comedy. One of the things that was so great about this show was the consistency of the characters. Love em all!

Sex with?
Forum - 11 months ago
4 laughs

59 replies Comment icon

If you could spend a passion filled week in a romantic location with any character from any episode, as they appeared then, who would it be?

I'm going to have to say Livia, the witch in Corman's, The Undead.

702 - The Brute Man - over 8 years ago
6 laughs

4 replies Comment icon

I don't get it, was the Chicken of Tomorrow an ad for trucks?

It is a puzzlement....
702 - The Brute Man - over 5 years ago
7 laughs

1 reply Comment icon

When the blind woman goes into the bedroom because she thinks someone is there... why would she turn on the light?

Forum - 2 months ago
0 laughs

23 replies Comment icon

What are your favorite 3 sub-200 laughs episodes?

Tors' big chance
301 - Cave Dwellers - over 4 years ago
3 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

I heard that they originally cast Tor Johson for the part of Ator, but he didn't look good in tiny leather. They then asked him to play the father since he spoke haltingly and looked bored always, he went for the part of Beth in Skydivers (Time to have coffee....).
If I know the theory of flight can I make a glider in 2 minutes too ???
Just wish Gomez wouldn't step on other actors lines all the time.

621 - The Beast of Yucca Flats - about 2 years ago
3 laughs

1 reply Comment icon

Progress Island USA is easily my favorite short ever

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