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322 - Master Ninja I - about 8 years ago
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If a person wants that perfect excuse the end it all, they need only watch 'The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly'...or, Hell, even 'Escape From New York'...then watch this. If seeing how low a truly great actor can sink doesn't make you go in the bedroom, take out your Glock, and blow your brains all over the wall, nothing will.

313 - Earth vs. the Spider - about 8 years ago
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The really realistic part of this flick (once you get past the notion of a tarantula the size of a city block that doesn't collapse into jelly from its own massive body-weight) was the way it powered through the brick wall at the school to gobble up the janitor but was unable to make it through the clapboarding at the science teacher's house to get the wife and kid. The tragedy here is that I remember when these goofy 50's sci-fi flicks scared the ever-loving crap out of me. I hang my head in shame.

910 - The Final Sacrifice - about 8 years ago
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Tom Servo the Mounty's Canada song alone...the last two verses of it, anyway...make this movie worth watching. And the old hermit is similar...VERY, spookily, the Canadian comedian, Red Green. I mean, it's weird. It IS one of the best episodes, in my opinion. And the fact that the kid looks strikingly like one of those annoy Ferringi guys off Star Trek 433,893 doesn't hurt the humor at all.

416 - Fire Maidens of Outer Space - about 8 years ago
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"Four Dullards of the Apocalypse!" In my opinion, this may be Tom Servo's best line, at least of the episodes I have seen. I swear before Odin, if being boring were an Olympic sport, every one of these guys could be on the national team.

624 - Samson Vs The Vampire Women - about 8 years ago
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"Let's see; she comes, sucks on your neck, you live for all eternity, she's totally hot...what's the problem here?"

Also, if our only hope for salvation is El Santo and that Goofy Professor, then we had all better get used to spending a lot of our time hanging out at the blood-bank. And it should be the Smurfs who kill the cast of Twilight. Or maybe Godzilla. Hell, El Santo will do; anybody, really.

Forum - about 8 years ago
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MST MOMMENT: My wife and I were playing dnd (YUP, I AM THAT OLD), and her character had to lift a portcullis, with a low strength. (Keep in mind she is a "semi-MSTie" at best) So she shook the dice, and from nowhere shouted: "Hikeeba!", and nailed the role! I about fell out of my chair laughing! For the rest of the game, any strength roll was started with it, I started adding stuff in just to here her say it. And here I thought all this time she was not listening to all the episodes I have been watching. Now if that isn't true love...

101 - The Crawling Eye - about 8 years ago
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I wonder if the cast of 'F Troop' got together and beat the ever-loving crap out of Forrest Tucker after they saw this turkey?

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