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  1. The Touch of Satan
  2. Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues
  3. Puma Man
  4. King Dinosaur
  5. Untamed Youth
  6. Eegah
  7. Pod People
  8. The Crawling Hand
  9. Hercules Against the Moon Men
  10. The Creeping Terror
  11. The Day the Earth Froze
  12. Catalina Caper
  13. Being from Another Planet
  14. Assignment: Venezuela (the lost short)
  15. Lost Continent
  16. Gunslinger
  17. The Killer Shrews
  18. The Million Eyes of Sumuru
  19. Horrors of Spider Island
  20. Red Zone Cuba
  21. The Beast of Yucca Flats
  22. Fire Maidens of Outer Space
  23. Attack of the the Eye Creatures
  24. Crash of the Moons
  25. Hercules Unchained
  26. First Spaceship on Venus

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524 - 12 to the Moon - over 7 years ago
7 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

In the meteor shower when they're just sort of saying numbers and looking worried, the one dude says .7 and 5/10. They couldn't even get their meaningless numbers right! They just didn't careā€¦

906 - The Space Children - over 7 years ago
4 laughs

3 replies Comment icon

So, if the blob has telekinetic powers and is omniscient, why does it need the children? Whatever they did to the rocket, couldn't it have just done it itself and saved the parents a lot of worry? "Put a jacket on if your going to take over the world!" I entertained the idea that the children are conduits for the blob's power but then, there's that scene where the blob interrupts the phone lines and no child is present! That's it, now I need to go repeat something to myself.

607 - Bloodlust - over 7 years ago
6 laughs

4 replies Comment icon

Servo reads from right to left.

622 - Angels' Revenge - over 7 years ago
2 laughs

1 reply Comment icon

Servo references my favorite Zappa song around 0:58:40, I'd never caught that 'til now!

207 - Wild Rebels - almost 8 years ago
4 laughs

8 replies Comment icon

Around 64:30 the guy who I think is banjo says "There's vein in my blood." They just didn't care. Then right after that, the other guy says, "Kill him. He's a loser baby." Too bad Beck hadn't written "Loser" yet.

517 - Beginning of the End - over 7 years ago
2 laughs

2 replies Comment icon

I crack up when Frank punches Dr. Forrester in the butt at the end. Reminds me of this episode of Home Movies

It's cloudy today.
Forum - about 7 years ago
0 laughs

8 replies Comment icon

Friends. *stares blankly at screen for 38 minutes* I've avoided the forum lately because I didn't want to "kill the vibe" - but today, I have nowhere else to go.

My brain, in a nutshell: I have some big decisions to make, all of which are based on so many possibilities and contingencies. A change is needed, yes. But some decisions are held back by other variables that have yet to be seen. I know, makes perfect sense, right?

My head hurts. My body aches. I feel like I am going to collapse. There is so much I want/need/must say and do; but it's all turmoil in my head. I've sunk into something new and terrifying and I feel like I'm drowning.

Part of me wants to just word vomit all over your screen and go over every gruesome detail of the past decade and why I feel the way I do right now and blah blah blarrrgh. The other part of me wants to crawl into bed and never come out from under the covers. And then there's "Middle Me". He wants change. He wants to take action. He realizes that this is his chance to start his life over. Hell, he's turning 30 in a couple of months. This is the perfect time to start anew.

But he can't - at least, not right now. Not in the present state.

So there you have it. I'm not sure what you guys can do with this info. I guess I just need some kind of interaction. Some advice. Fuck, tell me a joke even. I don't know.

1012 - Squirm - over 7 years ago
1 laugh

2 replies Comment icon

In the Spring Fever short does he say that "hobo sticks" have springs?

Which movie angers you the most?
Forum - over 7 years ago
3 laughs

14 replies Comment icon

I watched "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" today and the way the main character treats women, and the way they react to his treatment, made me want to bite some jugulars and rip off some arms. Seriously, the monster is the least disgusting character in that movie.
I also remember getting really mad during Kitten with a Whip because Ann-Margret's character is insufferable.

Blocked in your country
Forum - about 7 years ago
3 laughs

9 replies Comment icon

First, a solution(?): People have been telling me that basically all the youtube videos are now blocked in 'your country'. Here in Thailand, that hasn't really happened to that many videos. So maybe try and switch your IP 'location' to a different country (like Thailand).

The main reason I spent months of my life making this site is because I noticed that, unlike most TV shows, whole episodes were appearing on Youtube and the MST3k crew didn't appear to mind. At least they didn't care enough to have them taken down. And I just wanted a single community site that would link to all the scattered episode videos out there. So here's this site. My friend asked me to make a similar site, but for Seinfeld. I said it wouldn't work because there aren't Seinfeld episodes on Youtube.

Anyway, we'll see what comes of this...
As always, you can add new video links for any episode.

I'm about to watch The Castle of Fu Manchu
Forum - about 7 years ago
1 laugh

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I knew that this was going to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. What I didn't know was that Christopher Lee was the star. Frank Connif, in a special feature, talked about this, about how he's a Christopher Lee fan. He said a lot of things I was feeling. Now it's time to go in and actually watch the thing. (gulp)

Recent Riffs

112 - Untamed Youth - over 7 years ago
2 laughs


*guy starting up musical number* Shut up. Don't even start.

112 - Untamed Youth - over 7 years ago
1 laugh


So that's what the Tijuana brass is doing!

301 - Cave Dwellers - almost 8 years ago
4 laughs


"The slower and more painful the death, the more pleased will be the serpent god." You know, he told me that really in the strictest confidence.

207 - Wild Rebels - almost 8 years ago
4 laughs


Silly rabbi, kicks are for trids.

212 - Godzilla vs. Megalon - almost 8 years ago
5 laughs


"Let's get out of here!" Scoobie-san!

512 - Mitchell - almost 8 years ago
3 laughs


You know it's about this time in any killing spree that you really should turn the gun on yourself, you know. Turn it! Turn it! Turn it! Turn it! Do the deed! Do it!