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904 - Werewolf - about 7 years ago
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I really like this episode but I always skip over the host segments. They were okay the first couple of times but are kinda dull. Also, can someone explain the Kirk Douglass joke?

705 - Escape 2000 - over 7 years ago
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The main thing I don't understand about this film(other than why Toblerone isn't the main character) is why people want to stay in the Bronx. I mean that company will pay you, and even if that isn't true you've got people trying to rob you constantly, not to mention the company killing anyone who doesn't leave.

519 - Outlaw of Gor - over 7 years ago
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Before there was The Evolution of Dance on Youtube, there was Frank and Forrester!

820 - Space Mutiny - over 7 years ago
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You know they keep making fun of Cisse Cameron's age in this but she was only 34 when this was made. Reb Brown was 40!

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